Junior Jein Died: What Happened To Him?

Known as “El Señor del Pacífico”, or “El Caballo”, Junior Jein, 39, died after receiving several gunshot wounds at ‘A otro Nivel disco club‘, a nightclub located on Avenida Roosevelt with Carrera 37, According to the version collected by the newspaper El País, from Cali, and Twitter users.

The initial details of what happened in Cali, which has not been fully confirmed by the authorities of the capital of Valle del Cauca, were delivered by ‘Patio 4 Music’, a friend of the victim, in a Facebook video, when the interpreter he was still alive.

 I just received the news that ‘Junior Jein’ was attacked. Very concerned people called me; I was already sleeping ”, affirmed the relative.

Then, he added that at first, he thought it was all a publicity strategy for the launch of his friend’s new song, but when he dialed his friend’s cell phone, he realized that he was hurt.

“I called the number of ‘Junior’ to find out if it was true or a lie and someone answered me, I will not say the name, and he said: ‘Daddy, I have the number of’ Junior ‘, we are entering the clinic, we are going to the operating room and ‘Junior’ is alive. […] He’s wrong, but he’s alive. ‘ And he hung up on me ”, said ‘Patio 4 Music’.

The situation also led this man to communicate with Dj Panye who, according to his statement, also confirmed the fact: “He tells me: ‘I’m here at the disco and I saw’ Junior ‘on the floor. I packed up my things, helped get him into the truck, and left. […] ‘Junior’ was doing very badly, but alive ”.

Cali media, such as El País,  also indicated that the artist had been wounded in an apparent shooting in front of the aforementioned nightclub, located on Roosevelt Avenue, and they refer to an attack against him.

Additionally, the newspaper added that the authorities have not confirmed any arrests, but that “unofficially the information has been released that at least one of the attackers was arrested.”

That last detail contrasts with what Blu Radio assured since the radio frequency speaks of two detainees. ” The authorities captured two people suspected of the crime and seized two firearms from them,” he said.

For its part, Cali web asserted on Facebook that the singer was not the only one affectedIn the ‘post’ of a video that he shared, with part of what happened, he pointed out that the event “left several injured.” 

That recording was also mentioned by  ‘Patio 4 Music’ in this video in which he referred to what happened to his friend:

Who was ‘Junior Jein’?

The real name of the one born in Buenaventura was Harold Angulo Vencé, but he was better known as ‘Junior Jein’, ‘the Horse’ or ‘the Lord of the Pacific’.

He will be remembered for albums like ‘Pegando duro’ and also for songs like ‘Diciembre’, ‘Puro vacilón’, ‘Si Dios fuera negro’, ‘Bien bacano’, ‘Turín, Turán’ and the ‘Dominó’.

The aforementioned station also highlighted him for having a “marked social sensitivity”, which he reflected in some of his songs, where, among other things, he mentioned the “inequality in his native Buenaventura” and “requested justice for cases such as the massacre in the Llano Verde neighborhood of Cali ”.

His last publication on Instagram, where he had more than 156 thousand followers, was a promotion of a preview of his song ‘The reward’, which was going to be given as a birthday present, according to what he said in the ‘post’.

Here is that video and some photos that ‘Junior Jein’ had uploaded days before his deathThose images were on a trip he made to Mexico with his family.


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