The young German shared her fight against the disease with her 130,000 followers on Instagram

Josi Maria, a German Instagram model who talked about coping with anorexia and who shared photos of her extremely slim body, died at the age of 24. According to DE24 News, Maria’s mother said the girl had just flown to Gran Canaria on vacation but died of heart failure shortly after the flight.

The influencer Josi Maria has died at the age of 24 after failing to overcome the battle she was waging against anorexia, according to the British newspaper The Sun. The young German, who shared with her 130,000 followers on Instagram her fight against the disease, has died after announcing that she was traveling on vacation to Gran Canaria.

According to the British newspaper and the web portal De24, several days before her death, Josi Maria had confessed to her fans on Instagram: “I don’t want to be one of the people who die of anorexia.”

Apparently, Josi developed circulatory problems during the flight to Gran Canaria. De24 tells how the influencer, whose health was very delicate, fell asleep in the arms of her friend and never woke up.

Josi Maria regularly shared images of her battle with the eating disorder during her last difficult years on social media and tried to warn people of the dangers .

In June, she posted a photo at the gym looking extremely skinny. In a heartbreaking message she assured: «No, I am not taking this photo because I am proud of my appearance. And no, I’m not posting it either because I want to motivate others to look like me. In fact, yes, the reason I’m posting this photo is because I’m traveling and I want you to join me. I want to share my thoughts and show that I am actively fighting anorexia. I also want to say that we should not hide no matter what psychological illnesses we have. ”

After her death, Josi María’s mother published on social networks: “You were an angel on earth. For your fight against this serious disease, we love you, we admire you to the end, and yet we had to helplessly watch how you lost this battle. I miss you a lot, your mom »

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