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Josephine Elizabeth is the child of a celebrity couple. Liza Weil and her father, Paul Adelstein, are both well-known actors. As Josephine has famous parents, she has been getting all the attention of her parent’s fans.

Liza Weil and Paul Adelstein got married back in 2006. In 2010 Liza Weil’s daughter, Josephine Elizabeth, was born. She is a beautiful baby girl, and they are bringing her up so well. Josephine Elizabeth Weil-Adelstein’s net worth is unknown because there is no source of revenue as she is just a child and not working right now!

Early Life

Josephine Elizabeth is the daughter of Liza Weil and Paul Adelstein. She was born in April 2010 in the united stated of America. The pretty girl is now11 years old. Josephine Elizabeth’s grandparents are Doris Adelstein, marc Weil, Harvey Adelstein, and Lisa Weil.

Josephine’s grandparents, Lisa and Marc Weil, were members of “The Mad House of London”, a comedy troupe that toured throughout Europe. Josephine Elizabeth also has a loving aunt, Samantha Weil. Samantha Weil is also an actor, and she is known for Gilmore. Samantha and her children share a lovely bond with pretty baby girl Elizabeth.

Josephine Elizabeth Weil-Adelstein Net Worth

Elizabeth’s mother, Liza Weil, and her father, Paul Adelstein, met in the theatre. Liza Weil is an American actress well known for her leading role in Paris Geller on the drama-comedy series ‘Gilmore girls’.

While Paul Adelstein is also a famous actor, he is an agent in fox television series. He is also a lead singer and guitarist of a band called Doris. These two have done three films together.

They both got married in a Jewish reform ceremony in 2006. In April 2010 they had a daughter. The divorce was finalized in 2017. The separation between the two happened when they had been experiencing the best part of their profession. Now they are co-parenting their daughter.

Josephine Elizabeth Weil-Adelstein net worth cannot be determined as she is just an 11-year-old child. Liza Weil’s net worth is $3 million. The source of income for Liza Weil is her acting career.

How much does Liza Weil earn daily?

Well, Liza Weil earns $1,315.07 per day.

How much does Liza Weil make a year?

The annual income of Liza Weil is $40,000 per month.

How much does Liza Weil make in a month?”

The annual income of Liza Weil is 480,000.

Facts about Josephine:

  • Josephine Elizabeth’s parents are celebrity
  • She has gained massive popularity at such a young age and is already a celebrity at this age.

Final word:

Josephine Elizabeth Weil-Adelstein is famous enough just because she was born into an acting family. Josephine Elizabeth Weil-Adelstein net worth is unknown because of her age. But her mother owns $3 million.

Although Elizabeth is a pretty American girl and belongs to an acting family, maybe she will also become an actor one day. But she is gathering fame and becoming famous day by day. All this fame is because of her family background, but this will help her.

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