Joaquim Valente Net Worth 2023: Gisele Bundchen’s New Love

Jiu-jitsu coach Joaquim Valente, relocated to Florida from Brazil in 2007 to attend Barry University. He has a degree in criminology, as noted on his LinkedIn profile. Between 1990 through 2007, he attended school in Rio de Janeiro. At the ValeBrothers headquarters in Miami Beach, Florida, Joaquim works as a teacher with his brothers Pedro and Gui.

According to the Valente Brother Company website, the Valente brothers had regular training at the Gracie Academy in Rio de Janeiro while they were young.

Gisele Bundchen and Joaquim Valente gained notoriety together because Gisele Bundchen already seemed to have a potential suitor just two weeks after becoming legally single. Gisele was spotted on Saturday, November 12, dining with Joaquim Valente in Costa Rica, where she has resided since her divorce from Tom Brady. As admirers wonder if this is the beginning of a new love story for her.

Gisele and the Valente brothers posed with Gisele for their Instagram post in 2021 when Joaquim and Gisele first interacted for a magazine photo shoot. On February 2, 2022, Gisele uploaded a video of their training session to Instagram with the remark, “After practising self-defence, I feel more confident and empowered.” She stated that self-defence is a crucial skill for everyone, especially women, and complimented Valente Brothers for being an outstanding trainer.

Since she was young, Gisele Bündchen has worked hard to become a household name. She not only built an extremely lucrative modelling career that lasted for more than ten years, but she also continued to expand her business with a lot of heart, grit, hustle, and, of course, extremely rich endorsement deals.

Gisele was “the” model, not simply a model. According to Forbes, she held the title of highest-paid model worldwide from 2002 to 2017. She didn’t just win by default; she destroyed the opposition. Gisele earned $30.5 million in 2016, a stunning $20 million more than Adriana Lima, who came in second.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Gisele is worth approximately $400 million as of 2023, thanks to her tireless work ethic since she was a teenager. Joaquim Valente, her current partner, is estimated to be worth between $4 million and $5 million.

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