Jit Murad Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

PETALING JAYA: Well-known writer, theater, and film actor, Jit Murad, was reported to have passed away today.

The news of Jit’s passing or his real name, Aziz Mirzan, was confirmed by some close friends of the late.

According to Awani’s report, the cause of Jit’s death has not been identified so far.

Jit, who is also the son of the former Director-General of Education, the late Murad Mohamed Noor, became active in film, television, and theater in 1987.

He is the brother of the film’s producer, Na’a Murad.

Among the popular theater productions written and starring Jit include “Spilled Gravy On Rice” (1995), “The Storyteller” (1996), and “Gold Rain and Hailstones” (2002).

Jit, who was born in Kuala Lumpur, is a graduate in Sociology (Urban Studies) and holds a Master’s Degree in Art History.

Throughout his career, Jit is revered as a dedicated and dynamic writer, actor, and theater producer.

He is also known as a prolific writer in Southeast Asia, having successfully produced several contemporary manuscripts that have won several awards, including the Cameronian Boh Award.

He has worked with several big names in the Malaysian creative industry, including Krishen Jit, Zahim Albakri, and Jo Kukathas.

Jit has starred in the films “Selubung”, “Mimpi Moon”, “Talentime” and “1957: Hati Malaya”.

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