Is Heavy K Dead Or Alive? The Real Truth Unrevealed

The renowned South African DJ Heavy K is in the limelight for the death hoax going on. His death rumors have been widely spreading on the internet. Considering this news true, many netizens were seen paying tribute to their loved one Heavy K. It has been several days passed since no confirmation had yet crossed our eyes, but whether Heavy K is dead or not you are going to learn the real truth soon. Heavy K lost his calm after getting to know about the ongoing rumors regarding his death.

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Heavy K is also a well-known producer, he was declared dead by the internet users on Monday. The news was circulating for the next two days, by each passing hour it attracted several online users.

This created a wave of curiosity among his loved ones. Many fans believed the news to be true and paid their tribute to him.

On Wednesday the DJ and producer opened up about himself being alive. He busted all the hoaxes regarding his death rumors.

Heavy K opted for the latest version of Twitter to count himself as a human being. The rumors have surely set the bar high, not only did the news sadden his fans but it also derived its way into his profession. At this moment he needed to clear all the ongoing hoaxes about his death. He tweeted, “I’m sure this whole thing skipped @SizweDhlomo’s mind because of the shock or something no hard feelings, but guys, I’m okay & alive.”

It was SizweDhlomo’s tweet that dragged him into the limelight, although SizweDholomo’s intention was not to create any big news. He was talking about someone else and people referred to it as he was talking about the DJ and Producer Heavy K.

In short, Sizwe was referring to his friend Heavy Pablo who was shot to death at the Marc Mall Sandton.

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