International Women’s Day 2021: Phrases For Instagram And Facebook

The women throughout history have been characterized by always being at the forefront of crises as workers, caregivers, innovative and organizers of society, demonstrating its leadership, knowledge, efforts, and skills can create a world that works better, and where there are possibilities and opportunities on equal terms for all.

Therefore, on this March 8, International Women’s Day, we leave you these beautiful phrases, which are dedicated to those people who make up half the world and many of them have made the lives of the other half possible.

Social networks as distance shorteners and direct communication have made the female gender closer, thus enriching their way of thinking and their vision of the world from different issues and realities; Through them, her voice of strength continues to ask the world for respect and equality, and it is through these that we want to pay tribute to her on International Women’s Day dedicating beautiful words of gratitude to her with all the admiration, respect, and adoration that is given. deserve.

In this journey, social networks are a tool that allows them that empowerment that makes them assert and defend their rights.

Phrases for Instagram and Facebook on International Women’s Day

• To all the great women out there, happy day.

• No matter how short the road, he who stomps leaves his mark.

• Who you must challenge, impress, and surpass is yourself.

• I want you to be so happy, that you don’t know if you live or dream.

• Women only have one defect, not recognizing how valuable they are.

• A strong woman is a woman determined to do something that others are determined not to do.

• “To free herself, women must feel free, not to rival men, but free in their abilities and personality.”

• Life is short: smile at those who cry, ignore those who criticize you, and be happy with those who matter to you ”.

• “We are not born as a woman, but we become one”.

• I don’t want women to have power over men but over themselves ”. 

• They say that March 8 is Women’s Day. Beauty, charm, and of course your courage, make you the woman of the year.

• You women are like conquering the moon: every little step you take means a giant leap for humanity.

• For the party of March 8 I send my greetings to all the women of the world, but I want to give a special greeting to a unique woman in the world: You!

• Woman, I do not love you or submissive or devout, I love you, just as you are, free, pretty, and crazy.

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