disclaimer before starting, very important: I have absolutely nothing against Iggy Azalea . On the contrary, I really enjoyed her early albums and I like her — if that could be said of someone you don’t know personally — even though I haven’t followed her much lately.

And I don’t follow her much, except when she messes it up through networks , which on the other hand is something that happens more frequently than we all — including her, I would dare say — would like.

The fact is that we are already in that fucked uptime of year that are the Christmas holidays . And I don’t care if you are very happy or very sad : recognize here, with me and now, that they are screwed .

The sooner we assimilate it, the better.

They are screwed on the one hand because they require organization , do your part (especially at family meals) and because they also usually bring back memories of those who are gone. Add to that general chaos , which is compounded by colored lights, ornaments, gifts and crowds, a pandemic , and tell me what we get. Well just this.

And “this” in your case I don’t know what it will be. In mine it is that this year I have not met with my family . Normally, Christmas Eve is the only day of the year that we are all almost without exception – although sometimes someone works and we have to video call – and it does not matter that the previous year we ended up throwing shrimp at our heads: we got together yes or yes.

Once the Mossos even came to our Christmas Eve, let that sink in .

And this year it has not been like that, due to too many circumstances that are irrelevant, but which have made these days of the year completely lose meaning .

Okay , despite that, last night I had a very good dinner, I wore pajamas, and I discovered with my brother that there is an island called  «Deception Island» – lol u may relate -, and that it is possible to adopt a penguin from there for free and put it Name. If we look at it like that, the night wasn’t bad at all, was it?

queen gif
Always positive , never inpositiva .

A bad Christmas Eve, ‘Whole Lotta Red’ and a very disappointed Iggy

I do not want to bore you more with the details of my Christmas Eve, I wish that you all had a happy and family / friends time. I put you in context just because if not, you could not understand the  point of this article.

And I was disenchanted with life, today,  December 25 , after all my day has passed completely normal and boring, and without pompous meals, and I get on Twitter and I see that  Iggy is Trending Topic .

I’m not going to talk about the WHO statement, but it is between epicism and the WTF.

And I say to myself:  Iggy Pop? (I saw it as more feasible, who knows why).

But no, it turns out that Iggy Azalea, live and direct, stars in today’s drama . Apparently he was going to spend happy holidays with son Onyx and his father, Playboi Carti  , but the rapper decided at the last minute that he preferred to surprise his fans by launching ‘Whole Lotta Red’ and celebrating the album’s release party. With the woman he cheated on Iggy with.

Fuck,  lemme pause this for a min and take a breath. Go crazy everything.

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Mood reading Twitter today.

On the one hand, there is the good news for Carti fans: the album they have been waiting for an infinite time has finally come out into the fuckin ‘ light. And the day when Santa goes through the houses … Very clever, yes sir, we can say that in part she  has saved Christmas .

But of course … At what point in your life has the arrival of these dates been most important? Although as an adult or  teen you can rent a lot, it is when you are a child that you are even more amazed by everything that happens at Christmas. Not that? Is.

Iggy's comments

Part of Iggy’s comments from last night.

Summarizing the tweets above, Iggy explains that they had a vacation scheduled with Carti for these dates, directly rebukes the girl with whom he cheated, explains that it was Carti himself who wanted a child , and that just the night before he had been at her house telling her he loved her.

Allora … Surely she has saved the night for many of us, but of course, at the cost of not spending it with her son . Who knows if it would have been possible to do both at the same time. I am not the one to enter into moral judgments, so I have tried not to, but while I was infiltrating this drama a thought came to me: “my Christmas Eve was not the best, but at least I am not Iggy Azalea.”

“Evil of many, consolation of fools”: or learning to value details

Iggs said that she decided to explain in public what was happening last night to safeguard himself from Carti’s comments, and for her to tell another version. Nor am I the one to assess whether it would not be more reasonable to discuss the private in privacy.

Since I have never been famous, I will surely miss some details of what is more convenient to do or not. And since I have not been Iggy , I do not know what I would do being in his skin. But hey, for a few seconds, I was glad not  to be her, but I also grieved not be  your squad to show my support . Dualities of the human being, I don’t know.

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In all fairness, imagine me reflecting on this like this.

In any case, what is relevant here , at this moment, is not exactly taking refuge in that of  evil of many, consolation of fools .

And I am not saying that for a moment it was not the consolation of this fool to think that an artist I have followed for years had a more painful Christmas Eve than mine, I am saying that one has to know how to go one step further . The reading that I get, actually, is that these dates are dodgy for everyone , so if you are not having the best days, you do not have to put a lot of pressure on yourself for it. Shit happens , try to enjoy whatever there is.

If you’re like Iggy, or like Onyx, and your boyfriend or dad isn’t there this Christmas Eve, I’m not telling you to be happy, but focus on what you do have . Focus on the fact that you still had a good dinner, you were with a small part of your family, you received a message from someone unexpected congratulating you on the holidays … I don’t know, the little things, right?

And if not, you can always wear ‘Whole Lotta Red’ , and decide if your faith in Santa Claus is reinstated, or on the contrary, you want to buy a physical copy to set fire to it in the fireplace. To your liking, bb.

In any case, the entire team at The Medizine sends you warmth and support on these special days . We’re going to set 2020 on fire soon… In the meantime, make sure you put the best soundtrack on it. Blessings .

Amelia Warner– After graduating from NYU with a master's degree in history, She was also a columnist for many local newspapers. Amelia Warner mostly covers Entertainment topics, but at times loves to write about movie reviews as well.

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