Eating together, going on a picnic, or watching love movies as a family is just some of the ideas that we want to propose to celebrate Valentine’s Day with children.

Feb. 14 is celebrated Valentine and although this is a day that is usually reserved for couples, also can spend a great day with children celebrating the love of family-style. Therefore, we want to propose various ideas and plans that will help you celebrate Valentine’s Day with children.

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day with children

Maybe if you have small children they hardly know what Valentine’s Day is or why it is celebrated, but we can explain to them that this is a day that commemorates a saint who represents all those in love and that because we are a family that loves each other, we want to celebrate our love.

In this way, we can propose to the children to celebrate Valentine’s Day, from different crafts with which they are sure to have fun, either by creating paper hearts or for example by making a beautiful card for Valentine’s Day in which We can all write why we love our family so much. In addition to those crafts, and many others that we can think of, we have thought that these plans below may be good to celebrate this day as a family.

What to do on Valentine’s Day if children are small

In the case of having children who are young, in preschool-age for example, the aforementioned crafts may be fine, but also, one of the best ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day may be to prepare a fun game, such as hunting for a treasure in the one that the reward is, for example, a pile of heart-shaped candies.

We can also take advantage of the fact that Valentine’s Day this year also coincides with the celebration of Carnival to dress up and play with the children whatever they can think of. Let them be the ones to invent the game. We are sure to have fun with everything they propose.

If we want a calmer plan to celebrate this Valentine’s Day with young children, we can go for a walk and after that walk, go home to order some dinner (one that is special and the whole family likes) and see some romantic film for everyone, such as Disney’s Lady and the Tramp.

And if you want a special Valentine’s Day plan, nothing like organizing a picnic. We can do it outside if the restrictions due to the pandemic allow it or also and if we prefer, it can be done inside the house, or of course, on the terrace. We can prepare a special menu, with a heart-shaped cake, and make this Valentine’s Day a very special family celebration.

What to do on Valentine’s Day if the children are older

In the case of having older children, from 6 years old but also older, and even pre-adolescents, the ideas proposed above may be fun for them, but in the event that you also want to surprise them, we could do things funny like the odd Valentine’s “experiment”.

For example, we can propose that they help us make Valentine’s dinner, but cooking rice and with the help of food coloring make it red. Once done, the children will have to serve the rice, in the shape of a heart, and for this, we can make a mold with the simple help of a plastic plate, cut that way.

We can also cook chicken skewers combined with heart-shaped pineapple, or for example make Valentine’s cake, like the one we indicate in this recipe.

Another idea may be to turn our house into a small restaurant. We can let the children decorate with a large sign, or a garland of LED lights, turn off the rest of the lights and put a romantic table for two (mom and dad) or for the whole family. Then we can cook that special menu that we have indicated and propose a game in which either we are waiters and serve Valentine’s dinner to the children, or they are the waiters and they serve dinner to mom and dad so they have their moment Romantic.

Finally, and as a culmination of Valentine’s Day as a family, we can end by explaining love stories that have been famous and that surely children do not know, such as Cleopatra and Marco Antonio or Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal that he gave, as a result, the creation of the impressive Taj Mahal in India. As a result of these stories, the occasional conversation may arise, such as explaining to the children how Mom and Dad met and fell in love or for them to explain what they understand by love and how they would like to be able to live Valentine’s Day when they are older.

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