How Did Zoe Sozo Bethel Die? What Was Her Cause Of Death?

Zoe Sozo Bethel Died: Due To Brain Injury

Yes, Miss Alabama Zoe Sozo Bethel died. Zoe Sozo Bethel died on the 18th of February at 5:30 AM in a tragic car accident. Zoe Sozo Bethel was a political commentator for RSBN, she also worked as a Brand Ambassador for Turning Point USA and also for Liberty University’s Falkirk Center. 

Zoe touched the hearts of many humans and became actively affiliated with numerous corporations and groups.

At this time of bereavement, helpful and fervent prayers are solicited for the family and relative members, they ask that their privateness needs be venerated and respected.

The family sincerely appreciates all the love and kind words, showered by the fans. 

For those who would like to shower love, can click on the link below. The funds will recover the medical and burial arrangements of our beloved Zoe.

Click here.

America’s Turning Point gave a heartfelt tribute by posting a video in memory of Bethel after her sudden demise.

“We are honored to know Zoe Sozo Bethel. She is a mainstay in the Conservative movement, always moving with grace, elegance, and wisdom. She has inspired so many people and her legacy will continue to touch the hearts and minds of people everywhere,” it wrote. “We cherish you, and you will not be forgotten, Zoe. May she rest in peace❤️”

Zoe Bethel lost her life in a car crash, confirms family. But the images circulating all over social media about the car crash are not confirmed by the family. 

No doubt Zoe was badly injured, she suffered from a brain injury which led her to come. After spending some time in pain she left this unworthy world and went for her new journey. 

The news of her sudden demise was shared by her family after three days of the tragic incident. “She might not have much time left.” The news broke the hearts of her loved ones, family and friends are grieving over this huge loss. Indeed the young Zoe left us all too soon. It’s deeply saddened to see the young people going too soon especially when they were blessed with so much ability to conquer this world.

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