How Did Winona Brooks Die? And What Was Her Cause Of Death?

Artist struggled with depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and drug addiction.

Australian singer Winona Brooks, known as Lil Bo Weep, died at the age of 22 on Sunday (6). The rapper’s father, Matthew Schofield, announced the death through social media. Winona was well known for her videos posted on YouTube. The exact cause of death was not released.

The networks have been flooded with tributes and farewell messages for the singer and youtuber Lil Bo Weep, who has died at just 22 years old. The Australian rapper, whose real name was Winona Brooks, died unexpectedly after “hard fighting her demons”, according to her family. Local media have confirmed that her cause of death was suicide.

“This weekend, we lost her to depression, trauma, PTSD, and drug addiction, which we’ve struggled with since returning from the States. She’s struggled a lot with her demons. We’ve stood by her side to support her. several times but she couldn’t fight anymore and we lost her.”

Matthew also asked friends not to look for him for a while so she can recover from the loss. “As her father, the pride I feel is beyond words. She is my hero, my daughter, and my best friend that I love so much. She is no longer suffering now that the universe has wanted her angel back,” the statement read.

Recently, Lil Bo Weep had published a report on social media in which she said she was using strong medication for post-traumatic stress disorder. The artist also stated that she was grieving the loss of a child.

“I am heavily medicated with Seroquel to prevent any psychosis from my PTSD. Not only am I grieving for my son, but I have recently discovered that my fertility has been affected by growing up with a serious eating disorder.”

On social media, her fans mourned the loss. “I know Lil Bo Weep is an angel now and she always has been. She’s been through so much darkness but all in all, she was a sweet, caring body of light. I love her,” wrote one internet user.

Lil Bo Weep started her music career in 2015 producing music on SoundCloud. She even released two albums and her songs Codependency and Not Ok But It’s Ok have been played over 5 million and 12 million times on the streaming platform Spotify.

In her final days, she turned her online platform into a safe place for fans. She revealed on Twitter that she made ” a public, totally unfiltered TikTok for anyone who wants to let their curiosity flourish “.

She continued, ” I will do my best to video reply to any comments made on this account. This is a safe place for anyone who wants to hear my opinions, responses, and all that fun stuff .”

After the singer’s death, fans mourned what happened in the comments. ” I love you. I’m sorry my dear. I’ll meet you in another life “, said one of them. ” Rest in peace Winona. Her music got me through some difficult times in my life “, commented another.

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