How Did Skilyr Hicks Die? What Was Her Cause Of Death?

Skilyr Hicks was found dead, at 23 years of age, last Monday, at the home of an alleged friend, in South Carolina.

LIBERTY, Carolina of the Sur.- The ex participante of America’s Got Talent, Skilyr Hicks, was found dead in a house of a supposed friend, the 23 – year-old, after a long struggle with depression and substance abuse.

According to what was revealed by TMZ, the singer died last Monday, in a house in Liberty, South Carolina, but the causes of her death are unknown, according to the young woman’s mother told the American media.

The only thing Skilyr Hicks’s mother knew is that her daughter died at the home of a friend of hers, although her identity is unknown.

She stressed that her daughter was struggling with a terrible depression that she had suffered for several years, in addition to the consumption of alcohol and other substances.

She will live through her music, ”Hicks’s mother expressed after saying that she and her four siblings loved her, and she always sought to help those in need through her art.

Does Hicks understand that she is an addict?

After the terrible news about the death of singer-songwriter Skilyr Hicks, the local media recalled the history that at her young age she had with justice and the abuse of illegal and legal substances, mainly alcohol.

In recent years, Hicks had made headlines for her multiple legal problems, and one of the most scandalous occurred in 2018 when she was arrested in Ohio for an incident involving underage drinking and intoxication, and a similar incident. a month earlier, she posted TMZ.

A year earlier, the music star had faced domestic violence charges after being accused of assaulting three members of her family while intoxicated.

Skilyr Hicks was 14 years old when she was cast for “America’s Got Talent,” in season eight, in 2013, and appeared before judges Mel B, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Howard Stern.

After taking the stage, the talented singer performed the song “Brand New Day,” while the capsules of the program described her as a talented self-taught woman who was grieving over the recent loss of her father.

At the time, Hicks said that “her father’s death was a really difficult time for her before she gave the music credit for helping her ‘let out all the emotion that was building inside her.

Despite earning the approval of four of the five judges and moving on to the next round, Skilyr was eliminated from reality before hitting the live show in New York.

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