How Did Sebastián Boscán Die? Everything You Need To Know

The Colombian actor died of stomach cancer in his native Medellín. Sebastián Boscán is remembered for his portrayal of Leandro in ‘Pasión de gavilanes’ and his performances in soap operas and series such as ‘The stylist’ and ‘The woman in the mirror’.

Boscán participated in successful soap operas and series, such as ‘El stylista’, a story in which he starred, and ‘Pasión de gavilanes’ (2003), where he won over the public with his interpretation of Leandro.

The actor was born in Medellín, Colombia, on November 12, 1969, and served as a film and television actor. His most recent works on television were made in the series ‘El general Naranjo’ and ‘Beyond time’, in 2019.

The cause of death is a serious illness that Sebastian suffered from.

The Colombian actor died of stomach cancer, as Carlos Ochoa announced on social networks. Sebastián Boscán had not made public his condition and no details have been given of the time during which he faced the disease.

His companions of ‘Pasión de gavilanes’ gave him the last goodbye

The actors with whom he worked in the telenovela ‘Pasión de gavilanes’ sent emotional farewell messages to Sebastián Boscan. Michel Brown shared a story with affectionate words: “Fly high my dear Sebas, I carry you in my heart”, while Juan Alfonso Baptista Diaz also published a video of some scenes by Leandro Santos.

“It’s a matter of time, my Sebastian … Thank you for your loved and loved one.”

Andrea Villareal, who played Panchita López, expressed the great pain caused by his departure. “We will miss you my friend … @sebasboscanoficial. You took this photo .. The way you liked it. God have you in his holy glory. What pain you leave me in my heart with your unexpected departure. Condolences to the Zapata Bohorquez family” .

Giovanni Suárez, actor who gave life to Benito Santos, Leandro’s brother, was very affected in his Instagram stories: “It hurts my heart and soul to have to give you the news that I just found out. Sebastían Boscán, Leandro So that you understand me, he passed away yesterday from a serious illness. Sebitas, you know that I adored you, you are my brother, “he said with tears.

Lorena Meritano, a breast cancer survivor, also dedicated a message on Instagram to say goodbye: “A loving, respectful, free being, I did not know about his illness. I am not going to fire him by dramatizing or putting together a drama. In his memory As he was, I am going to say goodbye by breathing with a smile, raising a prayer for him. May he fly high, may he rest in peace. ”

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