How Did Sayaka Kanda Die? What Was Her Cause Of Death?

On December 18, it was reported that singer Sayaka Kanda (35 years old) was found unconscious on the ground in an esplanade on the fourteenth floor of a hotel in Sapporo city, located in Hokkaido prefecture, Japan. According to the police report, Kanda had jumped from the 20th floor of the hotel where she was staying and is currently investigating whether it is a suicide case.

Voice of Sayaka Kanda Dies After Falling From the 20th Floor of Her Hotel!

It is worth mentioning that the singer Kanda was scheduled to appear in the musical entitled “My Fairy Lady “, which was performed on the same day as the tragic accident. At the time of the tragedy, the seiyuu did not appear in the corresponding rehearsals and the staff tried to contact her without any success.

According to the report by Manato Asaka, the co-star of the musical, explained that ” Sayaka Kanda was going through a delicate moment due to her physical condition, although she ruled out that this was due to a coronavirus infection”, and an informant stated that ” Sayaka would not be either having a good mental moment ”, this due to some events that would be happening in his private life in recent years.

According to an investigation officer, the jump from the 20th floor that killed the voice actor and actress is not considered an accident and all the details that caused Kanda to jump are currently being investigated.

In her private life, the seiyuu married actor Mitsu Murata (44) in May 2017. However, the marriage did not last long and they announced their divorce in December 2019. The reason was that Murata wanted to have a child and not she was sure Kanda could give it to him

Last year, he formed from the musical group led by Maon Kurosaki (33 years old), but Kurosaki collapsed during the live concert in September this year. She was diagnosed with an epidural hematoma and the group went on an indefinite hiatus.

Facts about Sayaka Kanda :

Sayaka Kanda was born on October 1, 1986, in Tokyo prefecture, Japan, and began her singing career at the age of 15 with her first single entitled “Ever Since” which was released in 2022.

With the passing of time, she would begin to gain great relevance, to the point of being the dubbing actress in charge of playing the protagonist Anna in the hit Disney movie ” Frozen “. In addition, she would also have her career as a voice actress, getting to play the character Yuna from the anime Sword Art Online – Ordinal Scale.

Some comments made by the community were the following:

I still remember the news when Sayaka was born and released from the hospital. Why did it die so fast? I am in shock.

I want to believe that the news is a lie

Was your death a tragic accident or suicide?

She really loved Yuna from SAO. I will pray for her.

You lie, can’t you hear Anna’s voice?

I can’t believe it, we need Sayaka alive

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