How Did Prathyusha Garimella Die? Cause Of Death, Funeral, Obituary

In a shocking incident, fashion designer Prathyusha Garimella dies by suicide.

A fashion designer living in Hyderabad’s Banjara Hills was found dead under suspicious circumstances at her home on Saturday night. 35-year-old Prathyusha lived in a house located in Film Nagar under the Banjara Hills police station area. When she did not respond to the security check on Saturday afternoon, the guards informed the police. When the police went inside after breaking the door of the house, her body was found in the bathroom.

Police said a bottle of chemicals has also been recovered from the washroom. However, the police suspect suicide. Apart from this, according to the news, a carbon monoxide cylinder has also been found from Prathyusha’s house. Carbon monoxide is a very toxic gas, which can kill a person if it enters the body.

The body turns yellow due to carbon monoxide, due to the inhalation of more carbon monoxide in the body, the human body turns yellow. Dizziness starts, and along with this weakness starts feeling. Death also occurs due to the spread to the respiratory organs in the state of coma.

On the other hand, if the gas enters the body in small quantities, then tension, restlessness, and dizziness start, along with nervousness, and loud sounds are also heard in the ears. Apart from this, nausea starts coming, due to weakness in muscles, difficulty in walking, trouble in sight, and rapid breathing can also lead to death.

How can you prevent this?

There are many ways to avoid this. First of all, if you are sitting in a room with the fire burning in the winter, then when the room is hot, put off the fire and sleep. Remove the victims from that place and take them to the open air. While using the fireplace, keep the windows and doors open. The elderly and people with respiratory problems should take special care. Do not leave the car parked and running AC in it. Keep the car window open.

How deadly is this gas?

This gas combines with oxyhemoglobin, an element necessary for oxygen circulation in human blood, to form carboxyhemoglobin. Due to this oxygen is not able to dissolve in the blood. Due to which there is difficulty in breathing. In such a situation the man dies.

Prathyusha Garimella Funeral:

It has been just 10 hours since the news reached the media. It is too early to speak anything regarding her funeral process. Her family or close friends had released no news on Prathyusha Garimella’s funeral or obituary to the media. As soon as something reaches us, we will inform you.

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