How Did Marnie Schulenburg Die? Cause Of Death, Funeral, Obituary

Marnie Schulenburg was battling breast cancer which she discovered in 2020, five months after the birth of her baby girl.

Marnie Schulenburg, American actress of the series ‘As the Word Turns’ and ‘Frontiers’, has died at the age of 37 in the United States. She was battling breast cancer that was in an advanced stage.

The information was published by The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday (18). Marnie passed away on Tuesday in Bloomfield, New Jersey, confirmed the actress’ rep, Kyle Luker.

Currently, even in the midst of cancer, Marnie was working on the series ‘City on a Hill’, in which she played Maggie. In ‘As the Word Turns’, the actress played the role of Alison Stewart between 2006 and 2010; in it, she was nominated for Best Young Actress for a Daytime Emmy Award.

‘Frontiers’ (2009), ‘One Life to Live’ (2013), and ‘Tainted Dreams’ (2014-2017) are some of Marnie’s works.

Her acting debut was in 2007, in the long-running and traditional American soap opera ‘The Young and the Restless’, which has been on the air since 1973.

The actress discovered cancer in 2020, five months after the birth of her daughter, Coda, in December 2019. The little girl, now 2 years old, is the result of Marnie’s marriage to actor Zack Robidas, since 2013, who is known for productions such as the series ‘Succession’ (since 2018) and the film ‘The Negotiation’ (2012).

In her latest Instagram post, Marnie reported that she was released from the hospital to spend Mother’s Day at home and wrote an emotional text.

“It’s not my ideal to be a 38-year-old mother who needs an oxygen tank to survive right now. I want to be strong and beautiful for her. I want to show her how to handle this world with compassion, strength, vivacity, humor, and joy, as my mother showed me. I know that being here for her is the best gift I can give her.”

Marnie Schulenburg Funeral:

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