How Did Lashun Pace Die? What Was Her Cause Of Death? Funeral

A Black Day for the Gospel fans as Tarrian Lashun Pace also referred to as Shun-Pace Rhodes passed away on 21st March 2022.

Lashun Pace- Died on 21st March 2022!

She was born in Atlanta, Georgia United States on September 6, 1961. She was brought up in a small community called Poole Creek. Her fans saw her first during the 1970-s era. 

In the beginning, she gave solo performances. However, later she formed a group with her sisters that came to be known as The Anointed Pace Sisters. She also toured with Rev and this was the time when her skills were honed and she was converted to a professional. 

She gave her debut album in 1990 which was labelled as He Lives. With time, she continued her solo career and gave one hit after another. The albums that followed her debut album were Shekinah Glory (1993), Wealthy Plac, God is Faithful, and Just because God said it. Apart from singing Gospels, she also tried her luck in the film industry. She appeared as a co-star in Leap of faith which was released in 1992. She played the role of an Angel of Mercy in the film, which suited her too.

This film also starred some other big names such as the comedian Steve Martin. Once she was done with singing Gospels and acting in movies, she took to writing. She released her autobiography in the year 2003. It was titled For My Good But for His Glory. 

She also spoke of her daughter’s death in her book. Recognizing her services for the industry, she was inducted into the Christian Music Hall of fame in 2007. 

The news of her death was first reported by Larry Reid. Her official cause of death is not certain as of yet, but her family is expected to release an official statement soon.

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