How Did Kim Mi Soo Die? What Was Her Cause Of Death?

South Korean actress Kim Mi-soo died unexpectedly at the age of 29, as confirmed by the production company Landscape Entertainment, which has also asked the international press to avoid speculation or rumors about the cause of death out of respect for the family of the artist.

“We sincerely ask that you refrain from creating rumors or speculative reports so that the grieving family, who are shocked and grieving, can reverently commemorate the deceased. According to the wishes of her family, the funeral will be held in private.” the statement read.

The young star of South Korean television had won the sympathy of thousands of fans of ” Snowdrop “, a drama television series recently released on Disney + , where she plays the student Yeo Jung-min, a role that made her recognized at the level. international. She also participated in major productions such as “ Lipstick Revolution ”, “ Kyungmi’s World ” and “ Hi Bye, ¡Mama !”.

What did the Snowdrop actress die of?

The causes of death were not specified by the Snowdrop actress’s company. Instead, they mentioned that Kim Mi Soo passed away suddenly, and asked not to speculate about her death.

This is the full statement that the Korean actress’s agency published through the Korean outlet Star News below.

“We are here to deliver heartbreaking news.

Actress Kim Mi Soo passed away suddenly on January 5.

The grieving family is currently very heartbroken due to the sudden and sad news.

We sincerely ask that you refrain from spreading rumors or speculative reports so that the grieving, shocked, and grief-filled family can remember the deceased.

Her funeral will be held quietly behind closed doors in accordance with the wishes of her family.

The note ends by saying that by wishes of those closest to him ” the funeral will be private. Please pray that Kim Mi-Soo may rest in peace, and from this letter, we offer our deepest condolences .”

The Korean was especially popular with fans having participated in series such as ‘Hi Bye Mama’, ‘The School Nurse Files’ and the famous ‘Yumi’s Cells’. But if it was currently in the spotlight it was thanks to ‘ Snowdrop ‘, a series still on the air (it is listed as Kim Misu ) and which stars Kim Jisoo, one of Blackpink’s idols.

The response from the networks, and some celebrities in the sector, has not been long in coming. Hundreds of thousands of tweets contain her name and send virtual hugs to the family, and for now, he has kept the respect requested by her representation agencies.

A hard drink to start the year among Korean culture, and we sincerely hope that we will not have to report another news of this character in the remainder of 2022. As always, the fan sector has turned upside down with the tragedy, one more demonstration of how they are united to the hard and the mature ones.

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