How Did Kara Stockton Die? What Was Her Cause Of Death?

Kara Stockton Former Atlanta radio host, died 44. She was associated from 2016 to 2019, co-hosting with Shannon Burke.

Kara Stockton died on Friday, March 12, 2022. Death was confirmed by the family. His brother Rob recorded a statement.

“I and my mom are still in total shock and can’t believe it’s real.” 

Kara Stockton’s cause of death is not revealed, family is not confirmed about the cause of death. The family thinks she was facing liver issues. 

Stockton shared a very good bond with her people at the workspace. Shannon Burke, co-host and producer at FM station 106.7 reacted to Kara Stockton’s death;

“I am crushed, She loved that job, She loved the attention, She was an alpha!”

Shannon called her ‘she loved the attention because over the years she was fond of her job and enjoyed every bit of the workspace. In 2019 she lost her dream show due to the deal which Atlanta-based Cumulus Media made and sold 106.7.

Moreover, Stockton was also a producer. She produced daily radio and TV show called “Crime Stories with Nancy Grace.” The show was extended to three seasons. It was heard on Sirius XM and seen on Fox Nation. Moreover, 68% of the people loved and rated the show. 

American based commentator expressed her grief, “We are all upset, I loved working with her so much. She was awesome. She had been unwell and we kept after her to go to the hospital. We are waiting on answers now.”

On Saturday, March 13, 2022, during a phone interview, Rob said “Kara Stockton went to a doctor in January because of an elevated heartbeat. After tests, a surgeon took her gallbladder out on Jan. 26. At the time, Rob said, the doctor found her liver to be enlarged.

Soon, she gained a lot of water weight and returned to the hospital. “

Meanwhile on Facebook Kara Stockton posted on Facebook, on Feb 10, she wrote: “I‘ve had to completely lose all sense of pride. I’m back in the hospital. I can’t sit up or down or walk on my own. They don’t think it’s any complication from the gallbladder surgery, but they’re not sure … is going on. All I know is a major pain, and I’m going to be here for a while. Prayers please!”

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