How Did Emilio Delgado Die? What Was His Cause Of Death?

Emilio Delgado has died, an acquaintance who may have given life to the character Luis in the iconic ‘Sesame Street’ for 40 years.

The painful news was confirmed. The legendary actor of Sesame Street, Emilio Delgado, passed away in the 82nd year of his life. The death of the always-smiling Delgado was announced by a spokesman for the series. The fans were completely shattered as the actor who played the character of Louis entertained the audience for more than 50 years.

The circumstances of the actor’s death have not been detailed, but according to Today, Emilio Delgado has bowed his head to an eternal dream among his family and friends.

“We have now lost a beloved member of the Sesame family after fifty long years together. The kindness and humor of generations of children has put a smile on his face. (…) We’re excited to be a part of Emilio Delgado’s charm, ” read the series’ Instagram page.

Delgado joined the series in 1971 and played a character named Louis regularly until 2016. At that time, however, his contract was no longer extended, to the greatest grief of the spectators. Everyone loved Delgado so much that they were recalled for the special episode of the 50th anniversary of the series and the special series of events associated with it. In fact! In interactive workshops, he remained one of the most sought-after characters.

Emilio Delgado Died: A Battle Against Cancer?

Carol announced in an interview with TMZ that her husband Emilio Delgado was diagnosed with blood cancer, multiple myeloma in December 2020. Unfortunately, from that moment on it was several years of fighting and her body could no longer beat it; in the last weeks of her life, Emilio Delgado went into hospice care.

In the interview with TMZ, she reported that her husband Emilio Delgado was a man who remained active and that, until the last, he accepted palliative care. Delgado made a place for himself on the small screen after playing Luis in ‘Sesame Street’ where he worked for around forty years. Filed Under: Actor Emilio Delgado dies

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