How Did Bob Wall Die? What Was His Cause Of Death?

Bob Wall is dead. Master of Martial Arts and associate of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris, he died at the age of 82.

Millions of fans of the long-tragically deceased Bruce Lee certainly have in their memory, in a special place, an engraved scene from the movie “In the Dragon’s Nest” in which an unrepentant martial icon, after an epic beating, kills a red-haired man with a striking scar on his face by jumping with both feet on his chest and a unique grimace on his face, he lets out the famous “Brussels” howl.

Bob Wall is dead. The Martial Artist honored with a black belt in Tang Soo Do has in the past collaborated with such screen stars as Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris. The man’s family said goodbye to the actor and the stuntman in the following words. The following note was sent to journalists from the American portal TMZ, who were among the first to inform about the man’s death.

“Bob was the best husband and father. The family was everything to him. He had an extraordinary life. There is now a huge hole in our hearts that will never be filled again. His spirit and heritage will remain with us forever. He was our mainstay. but the cause of his death is still unknown.

Bob Wall is dead – the most famous roles of Bruce Lee’s associate

In the 1970s, Bob Wall starred opposite Bruce Lee in the films “The Dragon’s Entry” and “The Way of the Dragon”, from which comes the anecdote that for a better on-screen effect, Lee proposed not to fake an attack, but to hit the actor for real and will do it hard. It really happened. It was only years later that Wall admitted that the result of filming this scene later had broken ribs.

The famous duel with Bruce Lee can be found on YouTube:

Bob Wall also starred opposite Bruce Lee in the unfinished “Game of Death,” which was then re-edited and released in 1978, which provided the headline photo for this news.

Shannon Lee, the daughter of a famous actor, uploaded a photo of her father with Bob Wall on the deceased actor’s social media. The photo looks as follows:

In the 90s, Wall also collaborated with Chuck Norris, appearing in many episodes of the well-known and well-liked series “Texas Ranger”.

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