How Did Adalia Rose Williams Die? What Was Her Cause Of Death?

Adalia Rose, the young woman with a premature aging syndrome who triumphs on YouTube for her will to live.

Despite suffering from a very bizarre premature aging disorder, self-confessed “diva” and YouTube star Adalia Rose has amassed more than 170 million views to her channel thanks to her outgoing personality and the inspiring content she posts.

She is 11 years old, but Rose looks like an old woman because of Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome, the most severe form of Progeria. It is a type of genetic disorder suffered by less than 500 children worldwide. There is no treatment or cure for this disease that affects different organs and tissues of the body.

Children with this disease suffer from dwarfism, have a large, hairless head, joint stiffness, and wrinkled skin. In addition, life expectancy is up to 13 years , hopefully up to 20. The character played by Brad Pitt in the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button , based on a book by F. Scott Fitzgerald, suffered from this disease.

However, Rose has not allowed her illness to be an obstacle to sharing her day-to-day life and showing her beauty tutorials to her 1.5 million subscribers. Precisely, this strength that the girl shows is something that fans praise in the comments.

It was in 2012 when the pre-adolescent and her mother, Natalia Pallante, decided to create a YouTube channel with the sole desire to have fun … and the response they received left them stunned.

Rose’s most popular videos are those in which she dances and prepares makeup tutorials with her mother as a model.

When Pallante was three months pregnant, doctors noticed that something was wrong with the girl’s formation process.

Two months later, Pallante, a single mother, was devastated to learn the diagnosis that would change her life. “It was just her and me and I honestly felt lost , ” Pallante tells The Sun.

Reflecting on her internet fame, Rose says she considers herself “a diva because she always gets what she wants.”

Adalia’s stepfather, Ryan, 31, confirms that it is “crazy” to have “an 11-year-old social media star” at home . Especially when they go down the street because “a lot of people recognize her.”

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