Henry Orenstein Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

Henry Orenstein had a movie life. Polish by birth, who escaped the holocaust, he arrives in America and invents the Transformers, one of the children’s toys and turn-of-the-century pop myths that are still very famous.

But Orenstein (pictured by WSOP / Melissa Haereiti) is also in the Poker Hall Of Fame not so much for his winnings at the tables, but for the tables themselves! We owe to him the invention of the camera (hole card cam) which made it possible to follow the action at the table in a different way.

Henry Orenstein leaves us at 98.

Henry Orenstein has changed the world of poker not because of his winnings but thanks to an invention ( we talked about its history even years ago). At the table, Orenstein won his only WSOP bracelet in 1996 in the $ 5,000 Seven Card Stud tournament.

In 2008 he entered the Poker Hall Of Fame on the other hand, for the TV tables that changed the way of following the action, making poker suitable for the media, which from that moment became attractive for television formats, starting with the BBC’s Late Night Poker. of 1999.

Orenstein was responsible for the invention of the hole card cam, the camera with which the players at the table can spit the cards and the spectators can see them and be involved in the action. The poker tv tables have conquered the tv and all the most important tournaments (and not only) had to have the final tv table.

The story goes that Orenstein, following a World Series of Poker table on Espn, got bored and set about building the poker table for six months by initially placing cameras under the glass panels to reveal a player’s hole cards. . He introduced the table in 1995 and is one of over 100 patents in his possession.

An incredible life

Orenstein was born 98 years ago, in 1923 in Poland to a Jewish family, and escaped the Holocaust. Both of his parents were killed by the Nazis and two of his brothers died in concentration camps

Orenstein, posing as a scientist, managed to escape and then emigrate to the United States, to New York, in 1942. In addition to the infection of hole card cams, Orenstein had invented nothing less than the Transformers, a pop phenomenon that for years 80 has come down to the present day.

The cause of death was not revealed.

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