Harry Potter is 40 years old Happy Birthday!

Fans from around the world celebrate Harry Potter’s 40th birthday

A day like today but from 1980, the boy who lived was born. 40 years ago Harry Potter defeated the Dark Lord to become a legend. Time has passed and dear Harry Potter would now be in his forties, be that as it may, happy birthday to the most beloved wizard of all time.

According to the author of the story, JK Rowling, our beloved magician was born on July 31, 1980. Curiously, Harry shares a birthday with its author. That’s right, while the boy of prophecy turns 40 today, the mind behind all that magical universe is also partying celebrating his 55th birthday.

The first time we heard about Harry Potter, the little newborn baby arrived at the gates of number 4 on Privet Drive, and then, at 11 years old, began the magical adventure that we all know. Since its inception, the child who lived has forged an endless number of followers around the world and although we are currently in quarantine, it is not an excuse not to celebrate the birthday of this icon.

Fans from around the world have extended their congratulations to this character through social networks. They have also taken the time to congratulate JKRowling on her special day.


What started as a small book in the midst of a difficult time in the author’s life, ended up becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Since 1997, when the Philosopher’s Stone was first published , JK Rowling’s work has become a bestseller translated into more than 70 languages. With 6 more books, 7 movies, spin-offs, games, merchandise, theme parks and a host of other things, it is clear that Harry Potter became an icon for everyone.

To some it may sound over the top to congratulate a fictional character on his birthday. However, Harry Potter has influenced the lives of people around the world so much that there is nothing left to say but Happy Birthday Harry Potter!

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