Grey’s Anatomy: What Episode Does Derek Die?

What episode does Derek die in Grey’s Anatomy?: Throughout the history of Grey’s Anatomy,” fans have seen a large number of characters from season 1 depart; But Derek Shepherd’s (Patrick Dempsey) departure is one of the most heartbreaking seen so far: In season 11, Derek lost his life in a tragic accident, left brain dead, and his partner, Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo), signs for disconnect it. There is a detail that few realized, six seasons earlier Meredith had announced Derek’s fate.

Created by Shonda Rhimes, “Grey’s Anatomy” debuted on ABC in 2005, and although it started as a mid-season replacement, it was so well received by critics and viewers, allowing it to run for more than 16 seasons. 

Grey’s Anatomy focuses on the lives of surgical interns, residents, and assistants as they do their best to manage their professional and personal lives. The story is directed by Ellen Pompeo’s character, Meredith Gray, whom viewers have seen since she was an intern and later Chief of General Surgery; but they have also followed her personal life. Meredith married Derek Shepherd, with whom she started a family. Sadly the renowned neurosurgeon passed away in season 11, but his death had been briefly announced in the first few seasons. Here all the details about it.

“Grey’s Anatomy”: Another actor in the series almost played Derek Shepherd instead of Patrick Dempsey.

Patrick Dempsey played Derek Shepherd in “Grey’s Anatomy,” although another actor was going to play that character.

Grey’s Anatomy” has given us unforgettable moments, good stories, and characters that have penetrated the hearts of the public. The medical drama is one of the most successful on American television and has managed to stay current for 15 years, during which time a large number of actors have been part of the fiction starring Ellen Pompeo.


Patrick Dempsey
Patrick Dempsey played Dr. Derek Shepherd in 252 episodes (Photo: ABC)

Did Meredith Predict The Death Of Derek Shepherd?

In the first season of “Grey’s Anatomy,” Derek tells Meredith that if he was ever in a coma, he wanted his sisters to be by his side, but this request never happened. The fate of the experienced doctor, however, would be linked to a prediction made indirectly by his girlfriend. As Screen Rant reports, the series reveals seasons later what will be the fate of this couple, specifically Shepherd.

In the season 5 episode “Dream a Little Dream of Me”, Meredith and Derek got back together after breaking up after Cristina’s failed wedding and after Derek kissed a nurse. They both decide to go back and start working on their happily ever after, but Meredith was haunted by a recurring nightmare in which Derek was killed in an accident, something that turned out to be very unsettling for her. Unknowingly, six seasons later, this is exactly what happens with the neurosurgeon.

Dr. Derek Shepherd
Dr. Derek Shepherd passed away in episode number 21 entitled “How to save a life”, season 11 (Photo: ABC)

Derek died in season 11 of “Grey’s Anatomy”, in the same way as in Meredith’s nightmares. The doctor was back in DC to quit his job because flying from one place to another all the time affected his relationship with his partner. Sadly, he is in a car accident and, after many complications, mainly due to medical negligence, he was declared brain dead. Meredith then decides to take his life support off and stays with him until the last second of life.

It is unknown if this part of the story is related to the ‘omen’ at the beginning of the series or is simply a coincidence; Whatever the truth, it makes their story more tragic, for in a way she already knew how her romance with Shepherd would end.

Since then, the now-Dr. Meredith has tried to move on and dated a few characters from history, including William Thorpe, Nathan Riggs, and Andrew DeLuca, but her feelings for Derek are still very much present.

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