Goonew Net Worth At The Time Of His Death & Funeral Photos

This is one of the questions that people ask the most about Goonew net worth, and although they always end up answering it on other pages with an “I don’t know, you know” or “it depends” if there are some estimates that various web portals mention.

Goonew was an American rapper. Goonew’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million USD at the time of his death. We have estimated Goonew’s net worth from salary, money, income, and assets.

Age25 years
Date of birthMay 14th, 1997
DiedApril 2, 2022, Palm Desert, CA
Net Worth$1.5 million
Last updated2022

Goonew Died

dummy? The rapper’s body hangs on the wall at a nightclub during the funeral.

Rapper Goonew’s funeral took place yesterday in Washington (USA) and shocked fans: the celebration took place in a nightclub, and videos show what could be the artist’s body hanging on a wall as if it were a mannequin.

On Instagram, the nightclub where the event took place says it was not told the details and apologizes to anyone who may have been offended. According to the website TMZ, the establishment is investigating whether the body was real or a dummy, and also if any legal action can be taken.

Goonew was 24 years old and died on March 18th. According to his family, he was the victim of an armed robbery. The rapper’s mother claims to TMZ that he handed over all of his belongings to the thief and was still shot in the back.

The local police department is offering a $25,000 reward for information that results in an arrest or conviction in connection with the case.

In the videos, the artist’s supposed body appears prominently in the nightclub, with a crown on his head. Around him, the audience’s reaction varies: some are dancing, and others look at the scene in fear.

Rapper Black Fortune, who was at the funeral, posted a video with the following caption: “That’s not a wax doll, my brother walked away like a gangster.”.

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