Google celebrates the New Year 2020 with a Google Doodle where you can see an intertwined cuckoo clock with the characteristic colorful letters that are part of the logo on the home page of the technology company’s search engine.

The Google Doodle to say goodbye to 2020 is animated and ejects confetti as it is clicked by each of its visitors. On the other hand, it moves users to a search engine where they provide useful information about the origins of New Year’s Eve.

“Happy new year eve! It has been a cuckoo year, but the 2020 clock is ticking. The countdown begins now and when the clock strikes midnight, a new year will spread its wings “, Google pointed out in a post on Twitter to say goodbye to a year as atypical as 2020 was.

The United States, Canada, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, and Panama are some of the countries where users can enjoy the Google Doodle to say goodbye to 2020 on the Google search engine home page.

In the past, Google used to fire an animal every year with a Google Doodle. A year ago, the search engine proudly displayed Froggy , the weather frog who was fully enjoying the fireworks to say goodbye to 2020.

According to the Gregorian calendar , the last day of the year is December 31. In many countries, New Year’s Eve is celebrated with night parties where people usually enjoy dancing or having a traditional dinner. Likewise, it is customary to enjoy fireworks at midnight and many Christians attend religious services to honor the arrival of a new year.

What you should know about the history of Google Doodle
Cielito Lindo!

A #GoogleDoodle celebrating Mariachi, the traditional Mexican music genre that has become known and loved worldwide.

Press play to experience this quintessential element of the nation’s cultural heritage 🇲🇽 →

– Google Doodles (@GoogleDoodles) November 24, 2020

On the official Google blog , the company explains in detail the emergence of the Google Doodle: “In 1998, even before the company was founded, the concept of doodle arose when Google’s founders, Larry and Sergey, got to play with the corporate logo to RSVP for the Burning Man Festival held in the Nevada desert. To do this, they placed the drawing of a puppet behind the second ‘o’ of the word Google. The aim of the modified logo was to send a comic message to Google users to let them know that the founders were ‘out of office’ (OoO in English). Although the first doodle was relatively straightforward, this fact marked the beginning of the idea of ​​decorating the company logo to commemorate designated events. ”

Today, Google has displayed more than 4 thousand Doodles on the home pages of its search engines worldwide. For the creation of each design, a team of engineers and illustrators from the company are fully involved to give life to the theme they will exhibit in order to entertain and educate each of their visitors.

According to Google , a group of company employees meet regularly to exchange ideas and jointly decide the events to be commemorated with a Doodle on the home pages of search engines.

At the time of the Doodles selection process, Google employees focus on interesting anniversaries and events that “reflect the personality” of the company and its “passion” for innovation.

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