Google celebrates Thanksgiving 2020 with a Google Doodle

Google is honoring Thanksgiving 2020 with a Google Doodle where squirrels and birds can be seen before a very special dinner is held for this important holiday.

Through its official blog , Google explained the importance of Thanksgiving for all Americans: “On the last Thursday of November of each year, many Americans celebrate Thanksgiving by expressing gratitude and sharing a moment and a meal. together. While this year will look a little different for people across the country, today’s Doodle, and the furry and feathered friends in it, recognize the spirit of this special holiday: A time for everyone to reflect on their blessings, cherish loved ones near and far, and embrace our traditions. ”

The illustration for Thanksgiving 2020 on the Google search engine home page can only be seen in the United States, according to the company’s official blog .


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Thanksgiving Day is one of the most representative holidays in the United States. For the celebration, millions of families come together for a very special dinner where the traditional turkey cannot be missing from the table. Likewise, people are grateful for each of the blessings they received throughout this year.

The first Thanksgiving celebrations occurred in 1621 when settlers from Plymouth and Native Americans from Wampanoag shared a fall harvest dinner.

The story behind the Google Doodle


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Google implemented the Google Doodle in 1998 and since then more than 4 thousand illustrations have been created that honor great celebrations worldwide.

For the development of each of the Google Doodle , the technology company has a group of illustrators and engineers who are in charge of meticulously creating each of the pieces that are displayed on the main page of the search engine.

“A group of Google employees meets regularly to brainstorm and decide what events will be held with a Google Doodle. The ideas for the Doodle come from numerous sources, including Googlers and Google users, “said Google about the process of selecting Doodles to celebrate special occasions.

The tech company mentioned that the Doodles selection process aims to celebrate interesting events and anniversaries that reflect Google’s “personality and love” for innovation.

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