Gloria Estefan joins the list of personalities in the entertainment industry who have been infected with COVID-19. The famous singer-songwriter made the news known through her official account on Instagram and motivated her followers to take care of themselves in the midst of the public health crisis that is being experienced worldwide.

“In recent weeks I have been one of the victims of COVID,” Estefan explained when revealing her contagion through a video clip on her official profile on Instagram.

The interpreter stressed that at all times she fulfilled a quarantine at her residence in Florida and believes that her contagion occurred after going out to dinner with her relatives: “October 30 was the only day I went out. I was wearing my mask and went to an outdoor restaurant with some family members. We wore masks to the table and when we left. But in the restaurant, someone came up to me when I was eating and touched my shoulder. He didn’t have a mask and he was very close ”.

Gloria Estefan’s contagion with COVID-19 occurred at the beginning of November, so over a month, she had to comply with the necessary protocols to successfully recover from the virus. For their part, the artist’s relatives were not infected with the virus.

The interpreter of “Hoy” assured that she made her diagnosis publicly known so that all people know the importance of being cautious in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic: “The reason why I share this is so that you realize what highly contagious it is ”.

When referring to the symptoms he presented for the Coronavirus, Estefan confessed: “My only symptoms were the loss of taste and smell and a very mild cough.”

Also, the star mentioned that her symptoms did not intensify since her immune system has been strengthened due to her consumption of vitamins for a few years

During her diagnosis with COVID-19, the Cuban singer was isolated from her family on the second floor of her mansion in Florida for two weeks, during which time she did not allow anyone to have any kind of physical contact with her.

Today, Gloria Estefan is fully recovered and extended her gratitude to the medical personnel who risk their lives against the alarming pandemic that has caused havoc worldwide.

“Please put your masks on, keep 6 feet away and protect yourself as much as you can,” Estefan concluded before thanking each of the people who sent her messages of support.


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The comments on social networks did not wait, among which the Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin stood out: How good that you are now! Thank you for sharing your Glory. You’re a champion. We cannot let our guard down. Blessings!”.

“Thank God that he was mild and that he is recovering”, “Thank God that you are well within the delicate situation”, “Thank you for sharing what many are silent”, “Thank God to overcome COVID, thank you also for sharing your experience ”were some of the reactions from the singer’s fans.


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Gloria Estefan: The significant support she has provided for the COVID-19 pandemic

In mid-March 2020, Gloria Estefan announced that Estefan Enterprises had partnered with CVS Health to provide job opportunities to people who had become unemployed amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Around 300 people were benefited from the important agreement of Estefan Enterprises and CVS Health. At that time, applicants underwent a selection process by CVS and received their temporary jobs immediately.

Emilio and Gloria Estefan are some of the most influential personalities in the music industry and in business in the United States, which is why they have offered job opportunities to many Hispanics residing in the state of Florida.

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