German Dancer Raimund Hoghe Dies At 72

Award-winning German short-bodied, hunchbacked artist and dancer has passed away at age 72

German choreographer and dancer Raimund Hoghe (Wuppertal, 1949), who worked as a playwright for choreographer Pina Bausch, died at the age of 72 on Thursday night, his company reports. A former critic for the German weekly Die Zeit, he was a playwright for Pina Bausch’s acclaimed company in the 1980s. With a small and hunchbacked body, the dancer knew how to take advantage of his uniqueness with strength and grace. “I want different bodies to exist, mutilated bodies and deformed bodies,” defended Hoghe, who combined fragility and beauty to convey emotions and truth.

Last year he received the German Dance Prize, the highest honor that can be awarded in Germany, and a year earlier he was appointed Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters of France.

After ten years with Pina Bausch, he launched his career as a dancer and choreographer began in 1992, in artistic collaboration with his partner Luca Giacomo Schulte. His own conquest of the stage came later, belatedly: he choreographed ‘Meinwärts’ in 1994, his first solo as a dancer, where he questioned a society that had in mind a single stylized dancer model, focused on strength and more physical beauty. than insensitivity. It was the first part of a trilogy about the 20th century.

“I have no theater, no fixed structure, no place to rehearse. I work in co-production and always starting from minimums because that is how I grew up. My mother was a seamstress, my father abandoned her. We had no money but she still took me to the movies. at the theater, bought books. We did beautiful things with few resources and that same do with my mounts. Peter Brook does not need much to create. The only light is important “, said the creator when he came to the Mercat de Les Flors in 2016 to present their unique versions of Swan Lake and The Rite of Spring.

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