Geoff Stephens Died: How Did Songwriter Die?

The British artist overcame Covid-19 in spring but died this December due to pneumonia.

What life is? The mythical composer  Geoff Stephens, who in his past collaborated with personalities such as Roger Greenaway, Mitch Murray, or Barry Mason, has died at the age of 86 on December 24. His death, another number for the list of this tragic 2020, has been due to pneumonia.

Geoff Stephens lived through World War II; lived through the Cold War and even survived the last of the threats that has stopped the world. In spring, as soon as the pandemic started in Europe, the composer caught the coronavirus. However, despite his advanced age, he survived. It was this December when the life of this genius of music has come to an end.

His legacy, despite going unnoticed in non-English speaking countries like Spain, is enormous. His most recognized work is  Winchester Cathedral, a song composed for The New Vaudeville Band, a group he founded in 1966. In just one year, the British group reached the top in the United Kingdom and in the United States and their work and talent were awarded a Grammy Award. The song was even covered by Frank Sinatra.

But Geoff Stephens’ career is not based on a single song. Throughout his long musical career, where in addition to dedicating himself to pop he also composed for theater, he has left us a whole musical heritage from the sixties to the eighties.

His collection

One of his first big hits was  The Crying Game, a song that reached number 5 on the UK charts. Written by him in 1964, it was edited by Dave Berry.

The theme has been covered in recent years by various artists of disparate genres. In 1992, the singer, DJ, and fashion designer Boy George replaced it in the film of the same name by director Neil Jordan and years later it has been sung, in his own style, by the likes of Nicki Minaj or Kylie Minogue.

The same goes for Tom Jones’s Daughter of Darkness . Although most associate the song with star Tom Jones, it was written by Geoff Stephens. There a Kind of Hush ,  Sorry Suzanne and  Scott Walker’s Lights of Cincinnati are other songs that bear the signature of the recently deceased British author.

Geoff Stephens was born on October 1, 1934 in New Southgate, north London. Always from the background, although present in the history of music, he contributed to hits and commercial songs that transcended time. Your name is and will continue to be in your jobs, whether you are with us or not. After his death, his family, friends and colleagues in his profession wanted to highlight his enormous talent.

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