The American writer, famous for works aimed at young people, wrote books such as ‘Dogsong’, ‘Hatchet’ and ‘The Winter Room’

American writer Gary Paulsen died at the age of 82. Writer of over 200 works, most of them dedicated to young readers, he is responsible for books such as Hatchet, The River, Woodsong, The Winter Room, and Dogsong.

The information was released by Publishers Weekly, a magazine specializing in literature, but the cause was not disclosed. Paulsen’s latest book, How To Train Your Dad, was published in September 2021.

On social media, fellow writer Jarrett J. Krosoczka lamented Paulsen’s death and recalled an interview he had with him in April. “A lifelong honor to interview Gary Paulsen on TLA earlier this year. I just wish we could be in the same room. Paulsen.”

Writer Blair Braverman was another who paid tribute to Paulsen. “I know many mushers – myself included – who have fallen in love with mushing [using dogs to haul transport] through Gary Paulsen’s stories about his sled dogs. He changed many lives; he wrote about jungle, animals, fear, marvels with extraordinary grace. An incredible writer. May he rest in peace.”

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