How much is Gaitlyn Rae Net Worth as of 2023?

Gaitlyn Rae is a well-known American monkey on social media who goes by the handle @gaitlyn. Rae, a famous TikTok user name, is known for posting videos of her owner and daily activities. Gaitlyn Rae was born in Washington, USA, on June 7, 2012. Gaitlyn Rae is the same age she was in 2022: 10.

A superstar on TikTok, Gaitlyn Rae is a Capuchin Monkey who is pleased about her success. Over 7 million people follow Gaitlyn, and that number is increasing rapidly. Now that Gaitlyn is active on various social media platforms be sure to follow her and never miss her adorable smile!

She is a well-known social celebrity and has a TikTok page for race. She has developed a devoted following due to her many outings with her owner.

A YouTube channel named Gaitlyn Rae has more than 13.60K subscribers. Since it began two years ago, 28 videos have been uploaded.

Gemini is Gaitlyn Rae’s astrological sign. In January 2020, she signed up for TikTok. On TikTok, Rae has accumulated 96 million likes and over 7.7 million followers. Rae participates in the video platform Cameo, where fans can ask for a customised video greeting from her. She had the Instagram handle @gaitlyn.rae, where you could find her.

Through November 14, 2022, Gaitlyn Rae’s channel will have a $715 value. According to the language, cost, and current audience, the average revenue from advertising on the track is estimated below—daily $1, weekly $8, monthly $32 and annually 390 dollars.

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