Fredo Bang Net Worth [2022] Career, Girlfriend, Facts, & More

Fredo Bang Net Worth

Let’s check; what is Fredo Bang’s net worth in 2022? How rich is he? What’s his Income Report and much more.

As of 2022, Fredo Bang’s net worth is $8 million. His rhythmic way of rapping and unique way of producing beats made him top Spotify and other streaming services.

We have jotted down some remarkable facts about Fredo Bang’s net worth 2022, Biography, Height, Age, Girlfriend, Car, Lifestyle, Income, and much more.

Fullname: Fredrick T. Givens II
nickname: Fredo bang
Date of birth:  March 29, 1996
Place of birth: Baton Lounge USA
Net Worth: $8 million
Education High School
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Occupation Rapper, Songwriter & Musical artist
Religion Christianity
Age: 25 years old
Height: 5 ft 9 inches (1.76cm)
Years active:  2018-Present
Instruments: Vocals
Best Friends: Gee Money and Krazy Trey.
Hair Color: Black
Nationality: American
Last Updated 2022


His real name is Fredrick T. Givens II, online known as Fredo bang. He was born on March 29, 1996, in Baton Lounge, USA. His parents got divorced, he was raised by his mother and stepdad. At the age of 11, his father revealed that he was gay. He was also molested as a child. Bang has four sisters and five brothers.

Being weak in his studies, he dropped out of high school. He first began making music in 2015 and decided to release his songs online in the year 2016. During this period, he was arrested and charged with second-degree murder. He was in prison for two years.

Fredo Bang net worth
Fredo Bang / Photo

Fredo Bang net worth and career

During his timespan in prison, his long-time friend Gee Money passed away. He was allowed to see his body but was not allowed to attend his funeral. This was the most challenging time for him. So he concentrated on his rapping; it inspired him to write a slew of tracks. He realized that rapping is a gateway of contentment and comfort. Bang then created a new story for his song. Gee Money death gave his song a hit. In October 2018, he released his first mixtape, 2 Face Bang, Father, and Oouuh. They sound more self-examine, spiritual, and emotional psyche. The beat timings made it more impressive. His song Father received 11 million views on Youtube.

Best of Fredo Bang

Albums like Pain made me numb, Most hated ( This marked his first appearance on the billboard 200), In the name of Gee hits the chart

again, and Big Ape.

How did Fredo bang get famous?

After his arrest, his first single viral hit, Thuggie, arrived in June 2016. After the release, it hit 3 million views straight and opened the glorious doors of opportunities for him. This cycle of viral hits continued, and bang marked his first appearance on the billboard 200 with his album Most Hated.

How much does Fredo bang charge for a show?

Fredo bang does not cost an arm and leg, but companies have to pay top dollar. He does not charge less than six figures as his show rate. According to our sources, he gets $100,000- $150,000 payout.

Fredo Bang net worth
Fredo Bang / Photo

Who is Fredo bang signed to?

Fredo bang is currently signed to Def Jam Recordings. In 2019, after the massive success of Big Ape in the market, Fredo signed a written contract with Def Jam Recordings.

What is the ticket price for Fredo bang’s show/concert?

Fredo Bang live show tickets cost around $60 in range, VIP packages and Prime spots can range around $100-$1000.

Fredo Bang Concert schedule 2021

His next concert is scheduled for 17 days from now; the event will occur on 23-25 July 2021 in Hard Rock Stadium, Miami, Florida. Three days pass.

The second event will occur on 28-30 October 2021 in Citi Feild, Flushing, New York, USA. Three days

The third event will occur on 10-12 December 2021 in NOS Events Centre, San Bernardino, CA, USA, three days pass.

Fredo bang Youtube channel.

He also has his youtube channel with the name FredoBang with 863k subscribers. Fredo Bang- War time (official video) is streaming now.

FredoBang Shop

Fredo Bang has also launched his website with the name Fredo Bang Shop. He sells high-quality T-shirts, Hoodies, and also he has a category of his famous digital albums that will be provided via email upon purchase.

Fredo Bang Girlfriend
Fredo Bang and his girlfriend /photo

Who is Fredo Bang Girlfriend 2022?

@_ceefineass is her new girlfriend in 2022; Fredo bang has kept his relationship a secret; there is no such information about how they met and how they started talking.

Fredo Bang Girlfriend is an Instagram model with 114k followers. She follows 118 people from her Instagram account. CeeFineAss also has a youtube channel with 13.6k subscribers. She is not a singer professionally but is very enthusiastic when it comes to singing. Payback 2.0 is her most noticeable track, with 284k views. Some extremely adorable moments of Fredo Bang and his girlfriend in 2022. This is undoubtedly cuter than a June bag.

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Fredo Bang’s past relationship.

Fredo Bang being a celeb enjoys the status of public life, it’s quite hard to hide things from the media, but it seems that Fredo Bang has mastered the art. We have no such information about his past relationships, marriage, and hookups. As soon as something reaches our database we will surely update you people.


1.His single Oouuh later received a standout remix from Kevin Gates.

2. He was a victim of homicide.

3. His first single viral hit, Thuggie, was produced by Q Red on the track.

4. He reportedly broke another guy’s nose, for which he was arrested.

5. He’s of African American ancestry.

6. On his second arrest he was also charged for illegal use of weapons.

7. Bang lost both of his best friends. We are talking about Gee money and Krazy Tery.

Fredo Bang net worth

As of 2022, Fredo Bang’s net worth is $800,000-$900,000. After the hit of his virals like Most hated, the series of viral tracks is continuing. He is rapidly growing and soaring high. He also generates a little amount of revenue from his online shop.

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