Famous Monkey George Died, What Happened To Him?

The news of his death was shared through his official profile on the said platform with the title “Terrible news” and a message that read “We will miss you, George”

TikTok, in addition to being a platform where famous choreographies can be generated, recipes or cleaning tips can be shared and the funniest audios from the available library can be recreated, this network was also the perfect pretext for George to rise to fame. This 12-year-old monkey was the star of the @heresyourmonkeycontent account, which basically consisted of posting videos where we could observe the animal’s daily life with more than 17 million followers. 

Probably in your gallery of stickers, you can easily recognize the image of a monkey eating a blue palette, do you remember this image? Well, it’s about George, whose charisma was portrayed in short videos where we could observe him eating his favorite snacks, opening gifts sent to him by his fans around the world, playing games, living with his humans, or simply celebrating having one of the largest communities in TikTok.

What happened to George?

The news of his death was shared through his official profile on the said platform with the title ” Terrible news ” and a message that read “We will miss you, George.” Throughout a series of capsules in which the best moments of the monkey can be seen, a text appeared in which they confirmed devastating information for all George fans. According to this content, the animal attended a regular check-up with the professional people who cared for it.

The objective of the consultation was to check that everything was fine with his teeth. However, from that event, there were complications with anesthesia, which represented the beginning of George’s struggle to survive. Throughout the days, the monkey was accompanied by the positive thoughts and prayers of those close to him, who held out hope that he would make a comeback.

Internet is in mourning

Despite all the efforts made, George died on June 7 at 4:00 p.m. The farewell message from his family assured that the monkey represented the light that was needed to illuminate the darkest situations and a reminder of the love that exists throughout his community. George’s humans assured that although his fun life is over, his spirit of hope and love will remain . 

Of course, users of both TikTok and Twitter have lamented the death of the animal and have remembered it as one of the purest beings they had the opportunity to meet. From duets to his most popular videos or the images that turned him into a trend, George’s life is remembered with all the love it provoked. 

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