Famous Internet Celebrity VonMar Is Dead, What Happened to Delvon?

The Internet community is mourning because the famous Delvon Irving, aka Put Em in the Coffin, has died. Delvon was the actual name of VonMar. It is devastating for the whole community that knows Delvon well and is inspired by his rapping and pranking skills. On Monday, October 16, 2023, Delvon passed away at 32.

Our condolences and prayers are with Delvon and his family and friends suffering from this terrible situation.

Who was Delvon Irving?

A well-known internet practical prankster from the Chicago region was remembered as a talented individual who valued his friends and family. On Monday, internet personality “Put Em in the Coffin” unexpectedly passed away.

Put Em in the Coffin and VonMar are the names of his rapping albums and YouTube channel.

Many recordings of VonMar Thotboyz’s antics have been broadcast on websites like YouTube, Vine, and Facebook. According to sources, one video of his most recent reactions has received over 2.2 million views. VonMar was a member of a promising local rap group and an Internet prankster.

He got attention for a joke in which he called himself arrested. In 2015, when he was arrested on New Year’s Day, he was seen on camera robbing, saying inappropriate words about 7-Eleven, acting wildly around other people, and causing some property damage. After uploading that video, he got attention, but he paid the cost for it.

Cause of death:

It is heartbreaking news that a talented guy with the skill to rap and the ability to make millions of people laugh has died. The cause of death is not verified; the police in Chicago are still investigating the cause of death.

A friend or community member shares the news of his death on Twitter; in the post, he didn’t mention the cause, but they claimed the death news. People in the comment section start to pay tribute to Delvon.

Funeral Details:

Delvon Irving’s funeral details are not live yet. His family may need time to disclose these details to inform the community, but they are shocked by his sudden death and need some time to cover themselves from this terrible situation.

Our condolences and prayers are with Delvon and his family in this challenging time.

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