EXATLON 6 USA: They Are The Four Finalists

The sixth season of Exatlon Estados Unidos is about to reach its long-awaited final night today, Monday, May 9, starting at 7 pm / 6 pm central on Telemundo. During this installment, the audience witnessed 24 new warriors willing to do anything to achieve their deepest dreams, new and redesigned circuits, unprecedented athletic and sports demonstrations, and once again all the adrenaline and emotions that this competition, called “the fiercest on the planet”.

Of the 24 athletes, there are only 4 finalists left, 4 athletes who in just hours will show what they are made of and if they have everything that is required to achieve glory within the competition, thus becoming part of that select group that makes up: Chelly Cantú (now the show’s commentator along with its host Frederik Oldenburg), Valeria Sofía Rodriguez, Venado Medina, Nate Burkhalter, Jeyvier Cintrón and Norma Palafox.

EXATLON 6 USA: They are the four finalists

The four athletes who will face each other on the final night of the sixth season of Exatlon Estados Unidos are the following: two men and two women, and they are: for the men Mateo González and Briadam Herrera, both from Team Famosos at the time, and for the girls: Isabella Arcila and Susana Abundiz, from Team Famosos y Contendientes, respectively.

To learn a little more about these warriors whose lives could take a resounding turn in a matter of hours, here we will provide you with more information:

Matthew Gonzalez: 

Mateo is a 25-year-old professional swimmer of Mexican nationality. He currently resides in College Station, Texas.

Briadam Herrera

Briadam is 26 years old, a Cuban professional diver who lives in Miami, Florida.

Isabella Arcila

“Isa” Arcila is 27 years old, was born in Colombia, and is an Olympic swimmer. She today resides in Atlanta, Ga.

Susana Abundiz

Susana arrived as a reinforcement of the Team Contenders and quickly established herself as one of the best. She began her sports career in track and field, and she came to the US alone when she was 17 years old to train in track and field she discovered her natural talent for soccer in El Paso, Texas (Amateur Women’s League).

Wow, the sixth season of Exatlon Estados Unidos will go down in history for everything we have already mentioned and even for continuing to teach a program for the entire Hispanic family in the United States, not in vain being among the favorites, and there is no nothing that unites all of us Latinos more than the focus and strength to achieve our dreams, and that is something that is seen day after day in each day of the Exatlon United States, which we are sure will soon begin to warm up engines for a seventh season as successful as its predecessors.

To enjoy on television everything that happens on this exciting final night of Exatlon Estados Unidos, fans should check their local cable provider to tune in to Telemundo, they can also catch up through the Telemundo app, available on Google Play Store and Apple Store or on Telemundo.com.

Ready to meet the champions!

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