Evan Rachel Wood Revealed That Her Abuser Was Marilyn Manson

The American actress, star of the hit HBO series “Westworld”, had a romantic relationship with the musician when she was 19 years old and he, 38

For the first time, Evan Rachel Wood released the name of her abuser. On Monday morning, the Emmy nominee for her role on the series “Westworld” offered details about her traumatic experience of abuse and violence she went through while in a relationship with musician Marilyn Manson when she was 19 and 38.

Wood was engaged to the famous singer for eight months in 2010. The couple went public with their relationship in 2007.

“My abuser’s name is Brian Warner, also known to the world as Marilyn Manson. He started harassing me when I was a teenager and abused me horribly for years, ” wrote the American actress, 33, on her Instagram profile and in a statement sent to Vanity Fair magazine.

“I was brainwashed and manipulated into submission. I will no longer live in fear of reprisals, insults or extortion. I am here to expose this dangerous man and the many industries that enabled his behavior before he ruins more lives. All my support to the many victims who will no longer be silent, ”he continued.

Around the same time, four other women posted similar statements on Instagram. It’s about Ashley Walters, Sarah McNeilly, Ashley Lindsay Morgan, and a woman who gave her name only as Gabriella.

In their statements, they detailed ” heartbreaking experiences that, they claim, included sexual assault, psychological abuse and / or various forms of coercion, violence, and intimidation .”

“When I started my path as an activist I often wondered where to start. And the answer was that I had to dedicate myself to a cause that I had direct experience with because I felt that I would be able to help more. That is why I dedicated myself to the issues of domestic violence and sexual abuse, ”the actress explained a few months ago to Variety magazine about her work to achieve a change in California law that would extend the statute of limitations for crimes of domestic violence from three to five years. A change that was confirmed in 2019 and took effect last year.

Manson’s representatives have categorically denied similar allegations in the past, but have yet to address Wood’s statements as those of the other women.

Years later, Evan Rachel Wood married actor Jamie Bell , 34, and they have a seven-year-old son. They separated in 2014 after a two-year marriage. Manson married Lindsay Elizabeth Warner in February 2020. He was married to burlesque artist Dita Von Teese from 2005 to 2007.

Last year, Manson abruptly ended an interview with British music site Metal Hammer when the reporter mentioned Wood’s name. His representatives later issued a lengthy statement, denying all charges of abuse against the 52-year-old singer.

Evan Rachel Wood
Evan Rachel Wood reported that Marilyn Manson abused her for years

A representative for Manson released a statement in which he attempted to target another person Evan was dating at the time that he was dating the singer. The representative said (via NME): “I understand that Evan Rachel Wood dated several people around the time she was dating Manson. Basic research on the internet will give them a number of other names. “

Manson, in the past, has made disturbing comments about his relationship with Wood.

“The following points refer to comments Manson made in Spin magazine in 2009. His confusion around the timing of this is extremely disturbing. The comments on Spin where Manson had a fantasy of using a mallet with Evan and cutting himself 158 times was obviously a theatrical interview from a rock star promoting a new record, and not a factual account. The fact that Evan and Manson got engaged six months after this interview would indicate that no one took this story literally. “

“There are also numerous articles over the years where Evan Rachel Wood speaks very positively about his relationship with Manson. On NetAPorters.com’s The Edit: ‘I wouldn’t change a thing about our relationship,’ Wood told the magazine. I appreciate everything you taught me. I just don’t think we’re okay with each other, ”the Manson rep shared in response to that story.

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