American singer Eric Wagner, founder of  TROUBLE and THE SKULL, has died at the age of 62 from pneumonia caused by Covid.

The news has been confirmed by Eric’s son, Luke Wagner, through a comment in a post on THE SKULL’s Facebook page and later by the band itself.

Next, the message with which the band confirmed the sad news:

We are all devastated and in shock.

We lost a bandmate, a friend, and a brother.

We will make a statement once we have more information and can agree to all this.

An initial issue of THE SKULL, dated August 17, read:  “Hello everyone. More bad news… We won’t be able to play Psycho Vegas this Thursday. Although three of the four who tested positive for Covid are recovering well… Eric Wagner has worsened and was admitted to the hospital yesterday with Covid pneumonia. Positive thoughts and words will be of great help.

Last night Luke Wagner wrote a comment on the post, revealing:  “Hello everyone, I am Luke Wagner, your oldest son. Eric Wagner has passed away «.

Eric Wagner is an artist who was born in United States (Country). Some of Eric Wagner’s collaborations were with Probot in 2004 with the single My Tortured Soul, with Various in 1983 with the single The Last Judgment, with Church Of Misery in 2004 with the single Come Touch The Sky, with Tourniquet in 1993 with the single The Tempter, with Trouble (5) in 1984 with the single Psalm 9, etc.

This was the publication where his complication was announced, a week ago.

Eric Wagner founded the Doom Metal group  TROUBLE  with guitarist  Rick Wartell, releasing his first full-length, Trouble, in 1984. He left and came back from the band several times, most recently in 2008, when he declared  “at this moment I cannot bear more the tours ».

In 2012, together with his partner in TROUBLE,  Ron Holzner (bassist)  created the band  THE SKULL  (name taken from the second album of his old line-up). With his new group, he recorded two albums,  For Those Which Are Asleep and The Endless Road Turns Dark in 2014 and 2018 respectively.

In addition, in 2012 he also founded  BLACK FINGER, a group-oriented to psychedelic Heavy / Doom with which he released two works, the self-titled album and When Colors Fade Away.

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