The singer got a fake tattoo and drew Brazilians’ attention on social media

The singer Dua Lipa appeared with a face tattooed on her back and immediately caused a furor on social media. Brazilian fans of the owner of the hit Don’t Start Now saw the presenter Ratinho in the cartoon.

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Because of the similarity of the drawing to Ratinho, the name of the SBT presenter and singer Dua Lipa ended up on the list of the most talked-about subjects.

Did Dua Lipa tattoo
Dua Lipa tattoo

Didn’t you understand the confusion? Calm down, WePublishNews explains. Dua Lipa, in fact, got the fake tattoo to participate in Jimmy Kimmel Live, one of the most famous auditorium programs in the United States.

With the presenter, Jimmy Kimmel, on vacation, she made the fake tattoo to play with the caretaker: Guillermo Rodriguez.

Dua Lipa tattoo Ratinho
Dua Lipa tattoo

Although this tattoo is fake, Dua Lipa showed several others that have on the body.

In addition to Ratinho, in the comments, fans noticed other similarities. There were people who saw the singer Freddie Mercury, the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, and even the Mexican drug dealer El Chapo.

See below some of the reactions on the networks:

Did Dua Lipa tattoo

Did Dua Lipa tattooDid Dua Lipa tattoo

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