Darren Benitez Death: Hawaiian Falsetto Singer, Died Unexpectedly

On Friday, Aug 11, 2023, a renowned Hawaiian falsetto singer, Darren Benitez, passed away unexpectedly, leaving everybody in deep sadness and grief. He was a resident of Halawa, Hawaii.

The cause behind Darren’s death isn’t made public, and the family doesn’t release any statement regarding the reason for his demise.

The family will post the obituary and funeral arrangements when they decide about it later.

People are missing and remembering the beloved Darren, paying tributes and sending condolences to him over their social media.

“I will always remember my days performing with Tropical Knights, traveling with you to the neighbor islands to play music. Everyone would make sure you wouldn’t miss the flight back…and of course, you would miss the flight back…haha! Your voice will stand the test of time my friend, I will make sure of it. You will be missed my friend…a hui hou Darren Benitez!”

“I am so saddened by the news of one or dearest entertainers passing, Darren Benitez. What a blessed voice. One of my favorites of Leo Ki’eki’e. They dont make voices like Darrens. I know you are with your beloved Momma so happy i got to see you on Mother’s day. I will miss you. Your voice greeting me saying aloha Babes.”

Darren grew up in the music industry. He thought that the music of the “Hui O Hana,” a group of renowned performers that included Dennis Pavao, Ledward, and Nedward Ka’apana, represented the true spirit of Hawaiian music.

Quick successes and sustained progression defined Darren’s career in traditional Hawaiian music. That was the turning point when he won a music competition at the Jubilee Night Club 1988. This victory strengthened his dedication to performance.

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