Darius Dobre Missing: Famous Youtuber Missing Since October; Is He Found Or Not?

Renowned 28-year-old YouTuber Darius Dobre, a member of the Dobre brothers with over 24 million YouTube subscribers, has been missing since October. It has been almost one month that he has not uploaded any video on his YouTube, which makes his fans and family extremely concerned about his whereabouts and the information about his well-being.

When did Darius Dobre go missing?

Cyrus Dobre, his twin brother, said in his recent interview that Darius Dobre left his home in Maryland for his business work to Los Angeles on 15 October. According to his brother, Darius had not reached his destination, and since then, his phone has been switched off; however, he has tried many times to contact him but has yet to get a response from him. Cyrus also informed that he filed the missing person report to the police to find out any clue of his whereabouts, but no proof has been identified yet that can assist in the investigation process.

Cyrus suspected that Darius Dobre might have been harmed or kidnapped by someone who had bad intentions for him and Dobre’s family. Cyrus further revealed that his brother Marcus Dobre released a video named “My twin brother is dead” and faced extreme backlash, which was a prank on his other brother Lucas Dobre. The video resulted in a massive disappointment from the fans and harmful intentions by some people. The most important information Cyrus revealed is that from 2021, after his parents divorced, his brother has been a victim of mental distress and was suffering from depression, due to which he also went to a psychologist.
Darius Dobre

Darius Dobre was active on his YouTube and shared many videos in a week. Darius Dobre, with his charismatic personality, draws millions of subscribers who are entertained by his content on YouTube. His content has always been rooted in lifestyle, travel videos, comedy content and adventures. He has been widely recognized for his trending content, and the fans are now desperately waiting for his safe return and seeking any information related to his missing mystery.

Is Darius Dobre found?

Darius Dobre has been missing for four weeks, and there is no information regarding his safe return. Some rumours have spread from the fake account of Darius Dobre, indicating that he is alive, but fans later identified that the accounts that were stating rumours were fake. Dobre’s family still needs to verify the rumour confirmations, and the family has not made any update regarding his missing.

Fans are hoping for the safe return of Darius Dobre and showing their optimistic behaviour regarding the matter. The investigation has been underway, and his well-wishers are praying and looking forward to the good news.

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