Chrissy Teigen’s Painful Confession: ‘I Love Being Pregnant And I’m Sad That I’ll Never Be Pregnant Again’

Three months ago, singer John Legend’s wife lost the baby she was expecting

At the end of September, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend  took one of the hardest blows of their lives. They were very excited about the arrival of their third child, however, the couple saw their dream fade after the model suffered complications in her pregnancy . The doctors found a problem in the placenta and sent her to rest in order to reach week 28, a period that is considered safer for the baby, however, finally the doctor confirmed something that she suspected would happen. “It was time to say goodbye. She couldn’t survive this, and if she kept up with it, maybe neither could I ,” Chrissy herself confessed in a heartbreaking letter.that she published on her social networks. The model explained that she needed to share her story to tell everything she had experienced and, in addition, that her words serve to help people who have gone through or are going through the same situation as her. Now three months have passed and although she has tried to return little by little to normality, the memory of her baby is still very present .

Chrissy Teigen'
Chrissy Teigen revealed that she will never be pregnant again after the loss of her third child

” This is me and my body , just yesterday. Even though I’m not pregnant anymore, every look in the mirror reminds me of what it could have been. And if I’m honest, I have no idea why I still have this belly. It’s very frustrating , but I’m proud of where this journey has taken my body and mind, in other ways. I love being pregnant, so much, and I’m sad that I’ll never be pregnant again, “says the All of me interpreter’s wife , who has taken the opportunity to dedicate some precious words to her two children, Luna and Miles: ” I am lucky to have these two little ones who are transforming into great little people day after day .

Chrissy Teigen
One of the photos that the model Chrissy Teigen published after the loss of her baby

The 35-year-old American top is not going through her best moment but she has always been very sincere with her followers. For this reason, this time she wanted to show you what the reality of your body is like after having lost your baby. In the image, we see Chrissy without a drop of makeup and with tousled hair, taking a selfie with her mobile phone in front of a mirror, posing slightly turned so that they can see it in detail.

Chrissy Teigen

Unconditional support

Since she lost her third child, Teigen has been receiving the support of hundreds of fans who have sent her all their love virtually, but also from many friends and colleagues, such as Jessica Alba, Michelle Pfeiffer, Hilaria Baldwin , Chiara Ferragni, Hilary Roda or Millie Mackintosh. ” I’ve been through this. It’s not a moment and it just goes away. It’s a path, ” actress Sharon Stone , who last year confessed that she had suffered two miscarriages , told him . “You’re gorgeous,” added model Lily Aldridge.

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