Carol Sutton Died: How did star of ‘Steel Magnolias’, die?

Actress Carol Sutton, recognized ‘for a multiple of her performances such as in her leading roles for ‘Steel Magnolias’, ‘Ray’ and ‘Monster Ball’s’, has just passed away at the age of 76

20 years ago Carol Sutton shocked the world with her performance in the film ‘Steel Magnolias’, now so long after the film that it launched her to stardom, it is reported that the actress has just died from how one of the victims of this pandemic worldwide by Covid-19. 

The 76-year-old interpreter suffered from complications from the contagion of the virus and could not fight the battle against it. However, her followers and the world will remember him with her great contributions not only in film but also for television and theatre, that industry in which she gave him the name of ‘The Queen of New Orleans’. 

Some of the people who shared the screen with her shared their feelings about the loss on social networks. Ava DuVernay, who participated with her in ‘Queen Sugar’, expressed that it was an honour to work with her and that in addition, the veteran actress will be celebrated in life. 

Sutton’s path

Sutton spent almost fifty years on stage and in front of cameras, thus having a long stint in the arts and entertainment industry. In addition to ‘Steel Magnolias’, she also participated in ‘Monster’s Ball’ and ‘Ray’, three titles that made her famous for her great work on screen.

It has also been acclaimed for its appearance in the Oscar-winning feature film, ‘El Informe Pelícano’, or ‘The Help’. Although he was also seen in the horror tapes ‘The Last Exorcism’, ‘Killer Joe’, ‘Kidnap’ and ‘Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh’. As we can see, he had some interest in productions with this type of genre.

Hand in hand with the previous theme, he also participated in successful television series such as ‘American Horror Story’, and the acclaimed story starring Mathew McConaughey, ‘True Detective’, which is currently available on the HBO platform.

These are just some of the great works in which the actress can be seen again, but as we say the trajectory is long enough only to be summarized in a few titles. But without a doubt, these are the productions that can help you to know or remember the performance he did.

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