Candice Murley Died: What Happened To Her?

Candice Murley Marystown’s family, known as Candi, raised around 100,000 reais with a virtual kitty created to pay funeral costs.

TikToker Candice Murley Marystown, better known as Candi, was confirmed dead by her family. The influencer, who died tragically on Sunday, posted a disturbing video two days before she was found dead in which she dubbed audio that said “I hate it when the voices in my head fall silent.”

The 36-year-old influencer was confirmed to have passed away by sister Marsha McEvoy, who shared the news on a page on the online finance website GoFundMe, where the family hopes to raise money to cover funeral costs. She wrote: “We got the news no one wants to hear, tonight we lost a large part of our family, my sister, Candice. This was very unexpected and our hearts are torn apart. We just know she’s dancing in heaven now, we all know how much she believed in heaven, she’s certainly there. We hope she will be happy and free after all, away from all her struggles and be happy and carefree forever in eternity.”

Marsha went on to describe her sister’s fan base as “like no other”, adding that “she was the best in entertainment”. “We are now going to look at all of your videos and keep them as our memories to keep us smiling as we deal with this loss, it will be sorely missed,” she added. The post concludes by explaining how the loss was a “massive shock” to the family, and for which they were “financially unprepared”.

The virtual kitty has already surpassed the established goal, raising around 100 thousand reais so far. In a thank-you message posted on the platform, Marsha stated that the money left over from what will be spent on Candi’s funeral and burial will be used to create a fund in favor of Maxwell’s nephew, Candice’s son with husband Dave.

In the days and hours leading up to Candi’s bite, several videos were uploaded to her two TikTok accounts. In one she can be seen discussing her Christmas presents, in another, she filmed her cat Stash. However, a particularly strange video was uploaded two days before her death, in which she dubbed audio that reads, “I hate it when the voices in my head fall silent because then I don’t know what these idiots are doing.”

Upon receiving the information of the influencer’s death, some fans and followers flooded comments on the latest videos with messages suggesting that Candi was being a victim of online abuse. “I pray that those who brought her down daily will now rethink the way they acted toward a beautiful soul,” said one. Another wrote, “Instead of hate and intimidation, show love and positivity and try to reach out. Rest in peace, beautiful, tears are rolling today.” Despite netizens’ accusations, the cause of Candi’s death has not yet been disclosed, much less that haters have influenced her passing.

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