Bruce Burch Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

Gainesville native Bruce Burch, the country’s famous songwriter, died at the age of 69. Burch died on Saturday, March 12, 2022.

Burch worked in the establishment of the John Jarrard Foundation and its annual John Jarrard Foundation concert in Gainesville, which generates reserves for the local good causes.

Musical artist Sarah Stenzel, the daughter of Burch calls leukemia the cause of death.

After the success of “Rumor Has It” in 1991, Dad treated us a luxurious ride in a limousine, Stenzel recalled.  

You must be wondering who was Bruce Burch, why was he so famous, How did Bruce Burch die what was Bruce Burch’s cause of death? Keep reading this to get into more detail about Bruce Burch.

Who was Bruce Burch?

Bruce Burch was a famous songwriter and musical artist. He co-wrote two singles with Reba McEntire, both of them were a hit. “Rumor Has It” and “It’s Your Call” were sung by famous American singer Reba McEntire.

“It was very exciting, I remember they put up a big sign that said, ‘Rumor Has It number one,’” Sarah Stenzel. 

Why was Bruce Burch famous?

He also wrote songs for many notable singers including Faith Hill, George Jones, and T. Graham Brown. Burch was a very good and kind human being, his participation in the annual John Jarrard Foundation concert was one of the biggest signs of his kindness. 

Bruce Burch and John Jarrad Foundation

Burch helped in the foundation of the John Jarrad Foundation Concert which takes place in Gainesville, aims fundraising to local nonprofits including Good News Clinics, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Hall County, and Georgia Mountain Food Bank.

Jarrard, a member of the Georgia Music Hall of Fame was his best friend Burch. He was also a songwriter. They completed their primary and high school together. Sadly, the two lost their bond after Jarrard died in 2001 due to diabetes.

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