Blogger Liliane Amorim died on January 24 after spending a week in intensive care after undergoing cosmetic surgery

All of Brazil and the world of social networks are in shock after the death of the young 26-year-old blogger Liliane Amorim, who passed away on January 24 after undergoing liposuction.

After undergoing this cosmetic surgery on January 9, on the fifteenth she entered a hospital after complications derived from the surgery, spending a week in intensive care after her condition worsened, where she finally died.

Relatives blame the doctor

After the death of the young woman, the relatives of the popular influencer have accused the surgeon who performed the cosmetic surgery of negligence.

According to statements by the family lawyer, the doctor would have perforated Liliane’s intestine during liposuction, which days later generated a strong and lethal infection that ended up taking her life.

Both the relatives and the lawyer point out that despite the young blogger complaining of “a lot of pain”, when she called the doctor who performed the surgery, she allegedly only minimized the discomfort and only prescribed palliative and analgesic medications.

It is for this reason that Amorim’s family will now sue the doctor for “negligence” and “malpractice.”

For his part, the doctor identified as Benjamim Alencar said that the cosmetic procedure performed on Liliane Amorim “was performed in a reference hospital, suitable for the act, strictly complying with all regulatory and legal requirements.”

All Brazil reacts to death

The death of the sensual influencer who on her Instagram account shared content about travel, fashion, and beauty, generated great shock and indignation throughout the country, opening the debate on the trivialization of plastic surgeries in the country.

Given this, an endless number of Brazilian bloggers have spoken out criticizing the danger of unnecessary plastic surgeries as well as the unattainable search for an ideal of feminine beauty that does not exist. 

It was a grave mistake. In addition to malpractice in the surgery, there was negligence in the postoperative period. The doctor did not pay attention to her complaints of a lot of pain and discomfort, says Santos Araujo.

Liliane was a very popular person on social networks, specifically on Instagram. On her profile, she shared fashion and beauty content and had more than 224,000 followers.

Precisely her Instagram account was informing the last week about the evolution of her medical situation. After learning of her death, her followers have left multiple messages of condolences.

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