Black Friday 2020: Will Walmart Have Black Friday?

Black Friday 2020 is celebrated on November 27, so many people are wondering if large stores like Walmart will be open to the general public with complete normality due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The answer is yes, but with certain restrictions.

Walmart will open its doors to the general public on Black Friday 2020 starting at 5:00 AM Local Time. Unlike previous years, the stores will remain closed on Thanksgiving 2020, in order that all employees can disinfect and stock the shelves for all their customers, according to the Good Housekeeping website.

In all Walmart stores, the mandatory use of masks will be required and social distancing between workers and buyers will be maintained during Black Friday 2020. In addition, posters will be implemented in all Walmart facilities to urge all people to comply with adequate social distancing.

GettyWalmart will open its doors to the general public on Black Friday 2020.

Walmart: Advantages for Black Friday 2020

As a preventative measure for the COVID-19 pandemic, Walmart will offer a greater number of pickups and deliveries of orders, including express same-day shipping, and free next-day shipping on orders placed online for a higher value. at $ 35.

Walmart announced that its customers pay through the company’s official application during Black Friday 2020, in order to avoid any type of contact in stores in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Walmart discounts at physical stores for Black Friday are provided for household items, electronics, clothing, and toys. While on the official website of Walmart they will also be offering significant discounts for customers who feel more secure making their purchases online.

Walmart: Its Regulations for Black Friday 2020

Walmart will limit the number of customers at the same time in each of its physical stores during Black Friday 2020. In addition, anyone who wishes to enter Walmart must first line up outside the establishments to enter in an organized manner and with the necessary instructions.

Likewise, Walmart announced that customers will be instructed to shop on the right side of their store aisles to much more easily and safely select the items they want to buy on Black Friday 2020.

Walmart is one of the most popular stores for all Hispanics during every Black Friday, so this year will not be the exception; What is a fact is that all customers must rigorously comply with each of the rules to make purchases much more practical in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.


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