Black Friday 2020 is celebrated on November 27, so many people are wondering if large stores like Target will be open to the general public with complete normality due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The answer is yes, but with certain restrictions.

Target will open its doors to the general public during Black Friday 2020 starting at 7:00 AM Local Time. The company announced that its stores will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, but that is not an impediment for customers to enjoy the offers completely online through the Target website.

This year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Target will be expanding its payment options without any physical contact. In addition, more employees will be implemented in all physical stores to assist customers with self-checkout, in order to avoid conglomeration in the lines.


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Target is one of the best options for those who want to get great deals during the day of Black Friday, so this year they will have discounts on products from all their departments.

In addition, Target will not only offer discounts for Black Friday 2020 but will also be including completely free gift cards for those customers who purchase certain offers in their physical stores.

As a preventive measure for the COVID-19 pandemic, Target will require all its customers to use masks on a mandatory basis to enter its facilities during Black Friday 2020, which is celebrated on November 27. Likewise, they will be offering antibacterial towels so that people can disinfect the carts that they will be using for their purchases.

Target implemented the “Black Friday Now” program through its official website with offers that will be available throughout the month of November for customers who feel more comfortable shopping online. They will also have shipping methods ranging from same-day deliveries and the ability to collect orders through self-service in establishments.


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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Target will have employees who will remind customers of the importance of six feet of social distancing and will only allow a number of people in stores to avoid conglomeration, both in the aisles and outside. time to pay at the checkouts.

All people who want to know the Target stores that will be open near their home during Black Friday 2020, can visit the company’s website and navigate to the area to locate nearby stores.

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