Billie Eilish Changed Her Look, Showed It On Instagram

As promised, Billie Eilish has changed her green hair color to platinum blonde. The 19-year-old artist was tired of fans making fun of her daring look and told everyone that she was going to change her hair color after the release of her documentary, ‘The World’s a Little Blurry.’

Today Billie has finally revealed the result of her change of look and has shared her new hair with all her Instagram followers through this publication in which she has written a single sentence: “Pinch me.”

The truth is that I could not have chosen the text better since it is difficult to recognize it in the photo. That is why her followers have been completely speechless when they see her and in just one hour the photo has accumulated no more and no less than 6 million likes and more than 140,000 comments. This also helps him regain the 100,000 followers he lost after posting this photo on her account.

Of course, this makeover was the most anticipated by the singer’s followers since her collaboration with Rosalía for the theme of the series ‘Euphoria’, in which she also surprised us all by daring to sing in Spanish ( and sometimes she was better understood than Rosalía herself ), so we are convinced that her hair will give much more to talk about than her mythical green and black look.


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